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scam fraud stolen money
Respected sir/madam,
They also go by and and more I'm sure. Avoid these folks, they will steal from you. I cannot wait to read about these guys doing jail time for fraud... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Account Services Subject: Account Purchase Confirmation To: Date: Thursday, February 5, 2009, 11:54 AM Hi there, Thank you for your account purchase! This is a confirmation email for your purchase of the '70 Human Paladin on *Custom Made - New Account/Any Alliance Server* (World of Warcraft (US)) NATP SIP' account, for the price of $249.58. Your orderid is xxxxxx. Please retain this email for your records. Upon verification of payment, we will get in touch to let you know the account information. Once again, we thank you for your business! Sincerely, Account Services ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: GameTag Technical Support Subject: CONFIRMATION -- xxxxxx -- TRANSFER PENDING To: Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009, 6:36 AM Greetings, We have successfully received your payment to your order, and you have been verified. Thank you. Thank you. Your transfer will begin shortly. No more work is required on your end. If you have any questions, we are available around the clock to assist you so feel free to send an email. Do not rush this process if you are unsure, we can help guide you through this. Live chat support can also assist you but they are limited for the time being, and being trained currently to assist you in the future as we have launched a BETA version of this, so our team is not 100% trained as to date. Regards, Luke Simpson Process Team ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Subject: Claim Received: Case ID - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: Date: Monday, February 9, 2009, 1:33 PM Dear, Thank you for contacting PayPal. We have begun our investigation of the following transaction: ----------------------------------- Transaction details ----------------------------------- Seller's name: Global Accounts Network Inc. Seller's email: Seller's transaction ID: 3TK71600YH828833R Transaction date: Feb 5, 2009 Transaction amount: -$249.58 USD Your transaction ID: Case number: We will make every effort to resolve this claim within 30 days, although we may require additional time to complete our investigation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: GameTag Technical Support Subject: REQUIRE RESPONSE -- DISPUTE FILED, CANNOT DELIVER MERCHANDISE To: Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 9:43 AM Greetings, Thank you for your order. We have successfully received your payment, and you have been verified. Please note, for all future orders you do NOT need to be verified. I attempted to look into your order as I am the one in charge of delivering the products, however we noticed you filed a dispute. This dispute must be closed before we deliver the account. Please let us know when this has been completed. Thank You Again! Zeno Lancaster Accounts - Delivery Agent ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: <> Subject: Resolution of Buyer Complaint Case # To: Date: Friday, February 20, 2009, 5:28 PM Dear, We have concluded our investigation into your case: Case ID: Transaction Date: Feb 5, 2009 Transaction Amount: -$249.58 USD Seller's Email: Seller's Name: Global Accounts Network Inc. Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this claim in your favor because the item purchased was virtual or intangible. As a result, we have not taken any action against the seller at this time but we have noted your dissatisfaction in the seller's record for future reference. If you still have concerns about this transaction, we encourage you to continue to work directly with the seller for an amicable resolution. Thank you, Lori Protection Services Department ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there you have it. You can play dispute tag with gametag etc, however Paypal is not interested in putting these guys out of business or reimbursing for fraud. I have reported this company to the IC3, BBB, Paypal (worthless), etc. However, I'm sure it will come to nothing...but...everyone gets what they got coming to them in the end. You've been warned. P.S. The guy behind these websites is named Eric Smith. If you are a current or former employee, please provide info on his whereabouts, address, email, phone, etc...his physical location would be best.
Post by Rob K
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Posted: 29 Aug , 2011 by GT Agent  

We apologize for not updating this report sooner but we were recently notified about this so we are responding to this now.

Here are the timeline of events that occurred with this transaction:

Feb 06, 2009 - You placed an order with our company

Feb 07, 2009 - PayPal notified us that a temporarily hold was placed on this transaction

Feb 09, 2009 - This issue was resolved with PayPal and your order was delivered.

Now you also posted this complaint on another complaints website which you voluntarily removed but for some reason over a month later this was posted on this website which is very strange.

Regardless, this issue was resolved and this same customer purchased again from us recently 2 years later which the transaction was delivered in less than 4 hours after ordering.

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