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Respected sir/madam,
This is a complete scam! They tell you that it will only cost you $1.97 to purchase the Google Fortune Kit and you should receive the kit within 5-10 business days. This kit will teach you how to earn several thousand a week working from home on the internet for Google. First of all, I never got the Google Fortune Kit. Second, when I called them back to complain, they said they could not give me my money back even though, it was passed the 10 business days and I hadn't received anything from them. However as a courtesy, they said they would send it to me again but only if I subscribed to the optional services monthly which they had already taken the liberty to charge to my credit card, an additional $69.97. They had me cornered. This is wrong on so many levels. According to them, I had the option to cancel these optional services before the 14 days expires which started the day I order the google fortune kit. However if I did cancel (which I did) then They would NOT be able to send me the Google Fortune Kit afterall even though, I already paid for it by giving them the cost of the kit $1.97. Here are their exact words "We don't have the capability of refunding you the $1.97 for the Google Kit, we are so sorry". Must I remind everyone again, this is the Mysterious Google Kit that I never received from them in the first place. This is scam to get you to commit to other costly monthly gadgets you don't need. Even though they said they'd refund me the $69.97 which I have yet to see, I have figured they are still making a killing collecting $1.97 from every person that falls a victim to their deception. Just think about it? If you collected $1.97 from every person that lives in your state alone, how much money would you have right now? They are doing this nationwide in the U.S. MY POINT EXACTLY!
Post by Dawn
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