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I signed up for service with direct tv was told i would recieve a two room installation by a professional intaller with a off air antennea and dvr recievers.. had to pay $160 bucks to direct tv sales person, , A week goes by the So-called professional shows up at my door DEMANDS his CASH ONLY PAYMENT of $150 before he does anything else, I refused to give im the cash then he says i was only going to get a 1 room standard reciever and no off air antennea unless everything else was to paid to him IN CASH before he would even do a sight is a list of what i paid and what i recieved ... PAID FOR BY ME WITH DIRECT TV SALES PERSON SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER 1 highdef dvr reciever...with $50 extra tuner 1 standard reciever $ 150 no tuner no dvr 1 standard dvr... with $50 extra tuner DVR extra for $199 my cost 1 off air sattelite hd antennea $99 125 feet rg6 cable @ $1. per foot connecter $.50each 1 professional installation + setup Price to install through wall $50 1 fee waived for $50 new customer Installer travel miles and time $100 free site survey signal peaking $150 site survey $for peaking varies by location Friendly and courteous sales person Only intersested in more money poor appearance ______________________________________________________________________________________________ AS YOU ALL CAN SEE THIS WAS A SCAM FROM THE GET GO... THE SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER SHOWED UP IN A BEATUP OLD VEHICLE WITH A 6 FOOT LADDER BUNGE CORDED TO THE ROOF WICH LEFT OIL STAINS ON MY DRIVEWAY THIS PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER COULD NOT HAVE EVER CHANGED THE LIGHTBULB ON MY PORCH WITH THE 6FT LADDER SO HOW WAS HE GOING TO GET UP ON THE ROOF? I WATCHED THE WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE INSTALLATION VIDEO ON THE WEBSITE... NO THUMBS UP NO ID OF DIRECT TV NO FANCY VAN ALL I CAN SAY IS THEY WILL PROMISE YOU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AND DELIVER NOTHING . JUST THINK I SWITCHED FROM DISH NETWORK TO GO WITH THE MORE EXPENSIVE AND SOCALLED BETTER SERVICE.. BIG MISTAKE... OH YEA THE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER TOLD ME THERE WAS NO WAY I HAD A LINE OF SIGHT.. FUNNYTHING IS I HAD ONE WITH DISH NETWORK. i HAVE SENT A LETTER TO MY CONSUMER AFFAIRS OFFICE IN THE STATE CAPITAL AND ALSO TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU
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Posted: 18 Jan , 2012 by Nelson Mcvey  
direct tv is an example of what's wrong with american business today. this is a sick company with a culture of ripping the customer off. everything read on this complaint site accuretly describes this scum-bag company.germanys final soulatiion experiment is benefiting for this company and their directors.
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