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Fraudulent Billing on PPV's months after ending contract.
Respected sir/madam,
I was with Direct TV a little over a year. I agreed to a year at $49.99/mth. The bill constantly fluxuated. I had a $10 promotional credit every month that was supposed to be applied to the charge but through their online billing statements, you could never actually see this rebate accounted for. It was a constant battle with 1(800)directv. I think only one time out of the whole era, I paid the actual $49.00. I would rent PPV occasionally. I would opt to pay right then and there off my visa to avoid billing confusion (as I knew they already liked mumble jumble bills). Anyway, I finally switched to Brighthouse cable about 14 months after being with DTV. O ya and that year I agreed to... It turned out to be 2 yrs. I was hot of course but Brighthouse offered to buy me out of my contract (which they never reimbursed me for). Regardless, I switched and haven't had any other problems with the cable. About a half a year after legitimately buying out my contract with DTV, I begin getting 1(877) missed calls at weird hours. I ignore them for a while until I return the call this morning (Sat 2/29/09). I get a one-on-one with a rude collections agent named TJ. He says I owe DTV $67.00. I asked for what and he said for PPV's. I told him I paid for any movies and he said these one's were found on the returned digital boxes' chips or cards. He gives me dates and rates and I'm like, ”Ya okay- that’s b.s.” I made it my business to pay for any movies directly off my visa right then and there. He basically said I was either confused or lying. I said..."There’s no way, I would miss 8 movies and let them get past my attention. It didn't work like that. I directly used my visa to avoid things like this". He says no you didn't. I was now pissed. So I got off the phone and thought about it. I came to the conclusion that I have too much going on right now to phone-wrestle with these fools any longer; especially over 67 dollars. Now, I'm a man of principle and will vigilantly persue a rightfully owned 5 dollar bill through the furnace, but I decided to right this one off as a loss. I went to my old DTV online account and saw the charge. The past billing records were however, gone! Just a past due balance. So I paid it bringing me in the clear once again. I wrote my attorney general and decided to add my 2 cents in an already vast field of online complaints. I discovered people with the exact same issue and even several class action lawsuits against Direct TV. If you feel compelled enough and have an issue, I suggest you do the same. Google your states attorney general and email them! If you are considering signing up with a similar network or service and are concerned, research them first. As for Direct TV, I wouldn't recommend them. My prediction...You'll be hearing about DTV and legal issues again one day soon.
Post by Kumkum
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