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Respected sir/madam,
AT&T recently "migrated" their Email service to Yahoo servers. A hitherto flawless service from BellSouth (now AT&T Southeast) now is awful. Many of us donot use our "real" email address, but prefer to use a forwarded one. This is an expedient way to maintain a permanent email address, even if one changes ISPs. I have had one for 15 years. If you want to use a "different" address in the From[Field] than your Bellsouth/ address, the new AT&T/Yahoo SMTP server will block it. You have to add and verify the From{Address}. The instructions to d so with a client used by millions of people (Eudora) are absolutely worthless. You simply cannot resolve the problem following AT&T's instructions. Supposedly, this "move" was made for security's sake. In over 20 years of computing, the ONLY time an ID or logon of mine has ever been compromised was on Yahoo. If you try to email "support" at AT&T you get "Attention! In an ongoing effort to provide quick and efficient technical support, the "Email us" option is no longer available for High Speed Internet (DSL) or Dial technical assistance. We will continue to offer 24x7 technical support with online chat and phone support." Phone support is worthless, since you end up with an incompetent person reading from a script, not one who actually has an understanding of the issues. Congratulations to AT&T for taking a good service and mucking it up. As soon as I find a decent broadband service, I am gone. So will A LOT of other users. Guaranteed. Somebody please give a $24 million bonus to the executives at AT&T. That is the trend nowadays, isn't it? Reward the incompetent who drive businesses intot he ground...
Post by ayjayat
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