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I bought a Samsung LN-T4665F 46" LCD HDTV in June, 2007 from Best Buy. Within 9 months I started having problems with it. The screen would remain black when I turned it on. The blue light on the bottom of the set would come on, so I know it was getting power. After reviewing several forums on the internet for similar problems, I found one temporary solution was to turn the set on and off about a dozen or so times and the picture "might" stay on...Well, I tried this. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Fortunately, I purchased the 4-year warranty for $349.99 when I bought the TV in 2007. (I don't normally do this. However, the cost of the TV then was over $2, 800, before taxes.) So, I called Best Buy to request service. It was like pulling teeth! However, to make a long story short, it's taken almost a year and no less than three (3) service calls to my home by a service technician. His last visit was on 8/1/2009, when he finally replaced the LCD panel/screen, the main power supply board, and the main circuit board in the TV. The cost of the labor and parts was well over $3, 000. No kidding! The technician sent me an email showing the cost breakdown. Fortunately it didn't cost me a dime because of the warranty. The TV worked OK for several weeks, but then the same old symptoms started occurring again a couple of weeks ago. I then called Best Buy Service (The Geek Squad) on 9/22/2009 again and demanded a new HDTV. They told me they would seek management approval for me to acquire a new TV and would get a confirmation number to me within 3-5 business days. I'm supposed to be able to take this issue back to the Best Buy store, give them the confirmation number and get a new, comparable TV. I wonder what they consider comparable!?! I'm now waiting for that confirmation number from The Geek Squad. If I don't hear from them by mid next week, I'll call them back... It's been a long two (2) frustrating years with this Samsung TV, Best Buy, and their Geek Squad! I'll never purchase any Samsung product again, from Best Buy or anyone else.
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