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Respected sir/madam,
I purchased a reverse osmosis system on Dec. 13, 2008 and by Jan. 15 2009 I had discovered a leak caused by a malfunction in the ‘fittings’. Florida Water Testing Inc. I'm afraid, has made a systematic and purposeful system of ignoring my communication with the owner, to whom I was told is the only one in a decision making position within that company. Repeated attempts to have phone calls return, has failed, and met with hostility by receptionist (self proclaimed ‘office manager’). Having seen five different contractors specializing in cabinetry, have given me a grim impression that serious damage has occurred under and across my back cabinets; I was informed that they can not be repaired but replaced. Receptionist, relayed that Florida Water Testing Inc. has their own contractors to do repairs, (I’m writing this now Mar. 2, 2009) nearly six weeks after my initial observation of water damage; this presumed gentleman has made no attempt at contact. I have had an install, a return visit to repair the initial leak, which only continued through out the night, until the next days damage was twice as bad, accompanied with an increase in the rate of water coming out of the ‘fitting’. I immediately made contact once more with Florida Water Testing Inc. and had another visit from their technician. Still waiting on communication that can remedy this unprofessional and potentially fatal mistake of Florida Water Testing Inc. – Black Mold, which is visible easily. I was also informed by one John Doyle of Classic Kitchens Inc., that even the very setup of my reverse osmosis system is prone to this occurrence in the future. He himself a licensed carpenter with ten years of plumbing experience, is not a licensed plumber but for what its worth, the people that installed the reverse osmosis system are neither licensed, insured, nor bonded to touch my plumbing. Having been quoted $3, 394.60 (not including any plumbing or electrical work) I feel like the notion of having to pay out of pocket for their improper installation, and getting into a civil dispute to have them reimburse me, is absolutely a waste of the courts time, and likewise my money. Yet, I’m aware of these unfavorable options.
Post by Colette herbert
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