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Wells Fargo is not properly adhering to HAMP
Respected sir/madam,
I am in real estate, and from professional and personal experience, I can tell you that Wells Fargo is NOT here to help those who want to refinance or modify their loans. I've read many of the complaints, and they are all too familiar. My husband and I have a small business, and we have been trying to modify our home loan since March of 2009. Instead of putting us into the HAMP program, for which we qualified, they gave us a 6-month forbearance (no skin off their backs, just a delay in the inevitable!). Finally, in September, they told us that we qualified for the HAMP program and gave us documentation to fill out. Mind you, my husband and I had close to an 800 credit score until we ran into trouble with our business. Our income was literally cut in half. Our present mortgage payment does not include Insurance and Escrow, so when their processing department went over our financial figures, they said that we were right where we needed to be (mortgage payment 31% of Net Income). However, our housing payment is 45% of our Net Income. I just found a Loophole in the HAMP qualification process: if your home insurance and property taxes are NOT escrowed in your mortgage payment, Wells Fargo will use Principal and Interest only to figure whether or not one qualifies. Furthermore, when I spoke to the SIGTARP representative, I found out that all we have on the government end is a 'toothless tiger', as they are not in a position to do anything to the Loan Servicer. In the meantime, we keep getting conflicting letters from different offices Wells Fargo has around the country. One letter states that we have not been in any contact with them, another states that they have received our info and are getting ready to help us, and yet another letter says that we owe them 4 months worth of mortgage payments and they need a cashier's check by November 10, 2009, or they will accelerate our mortgage. So, what did we do? I wrote letters to President Obama, SIGTARP, FOX 4 NEWS, and WELLS FARGO. My gut tells me that our situation will fall on deaf ears, but my husband and I have decided that we can not let this situation affect our health, which it already has for me. Worst case scenario, I'll be moving back home with mom at age 42. Fortunately, we have a good family who will not let us live in the street.
Post by Anita
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