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membership cancellation
Respected sir/madam,
Hello, I am trying to contact greatfun to cancel my subscription?? I received an address to cancel and I am sending a letter in the morning. My only option at this time is to have my Bank stop the automatic withdraw from my bank acct.
I would think i could stop it on line, but I don\\t find any options to do so.
I keep getting letters with a check stating I can cash it, but it will mean I have to pay More money??? I\\m confused how this came about. After reading some of the complaints here at this site, I am finding out I am not alone in this idea(?) scam(?)

Thankyou for letting me write you. My email is Do you want me to send youthe letters, etc. that I have received so far???
Sincerely, Janet
Post by Orlando
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Posted: 16 Apr , 2010 by Angela D. Haley  
charged for great fun-do not even now what this company is
Posted: 07 Oct , 2011 by Karen Abuckle  
My husband called and canceled but yet they continue to charge my account. Then when I calle and tryed to cancel you get the run around abot how good it is and you get a $40.00 Vis card for trying, well we tried it for a month and nothing great about it, plus when I called to cancel and I told them we never got the Visa Card. Well it was approved and you should get it in 4-6 weeks. Ho long is it now, Almost 8 weeks. What a bunch of bolonga!!!!bter Business Bureau is next on my list.
Posted: 20 Oct , 2012 by Shryl Bartels  
cant aford this????????
Posted: 25 Jan , 2013 by Saundra Callihan  
I need you to take my membership #78921781 off. Thank you
Posted: 02 Jan , 2014 by Ruth Avery  
I wish to cancel my membership.. Member number 91040699. Today Jan. 1. 2014.
I can not afford this as my insurance went up..
Posted: 01 Dec , 2013 by Gaylia Ward  
Please cancel membership number 90306547 not anything I would use as a single person.
Posted: 05 Dec , 2013 by Kimberly Kelly  
Cancel my membership # 27828425 asap. Need conformation
Posted: 13 Sep , 2013 by Betty A. Alston  
Would like to have membership # 7585636 cancelled... cannot afford
Posted: 07 Jan , 2014 by Felicia King  
Posted: 09 Dec , 2013 by Phyllis Simon  
Please cancel my membership
Member Number: 89886585
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