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Poor service after purchase
we bought the Kent RO water purifier RO + UV from Jai Vignesh Electronics (9840129524,9841583813,04423614283) about a few months ago. Service from Jai Vignesh Electronics has not been satisfactory. In the last 1 month, we have been continously calling them to fix some issue with the system supplied and they are yet to fix the issue.
After 12+ reminders, person came from this distributor and told us that he needs one more person to assist him to remove the pre filter and check. we are expected to clean the pre filter every week, when one of your service engineer finds it difficult to hanlde by himself and how do you expect household people to remove the fulter and check by ourselves.
Your service personnel also claimed that the pre-filter supplied by JaiVignesh Electronics was not the right one, which had many customer complaints and he suggested us to get the right pre-filter in place to have it cleaned at desired frequencies.
I am not sure, what exactly is the issue till now. we would appreciate if you could provide us the resolution quickly. Hope this channel of communication would provide us some resolution. thanks.
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