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Respected sir/madam,
I went to donate my plasma and the finger poke and everything went fine. When I went back to donate it took them at least 15 minutes to even get to me when it was not busy. When someone finally came the girl who poked my vein with the needle missed the vein twice. She then got someone else and the didnt poke the vein right either. Then a third person finally got it and told them to watch my red blood cell return. While one lady watched, the blood went under my skin and it started swelling up whereas its supposed to go into the vein. They told me that it was my fault and I didnt even do anything wrong. I had donated with that arm 3 times before with absolutly no problems. They forced me to get poked in the other arm for the red blood cell return and when I proceeded to tell them I did not want to donate they continuously pushed me to do it. They finally let me leave after 5 minutes of asking me to donate and me repeatedly telling them no. My arm has a huge bruise that is getting progressively worse. I dont believe people should be pushed to donate when they said no more than once and then they say it was my fault. I will not return due to this incidence.
Post by carley09
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