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Respected sir/madam,
This guy is a class con artist. He came to see me in Austin and tried to convince me that there was money to be made by aligning myself with him and his partner Steve Henderson. He basically offered some sweetheart deal with incredible returns for some funds up front. Now why do you need money with all these patented technologies? He gives you a great presentation of all the people he knows, places he\\s been and companies he\\s headed. And yet he has nothing on him through a simple google search. If you know so many people then why you running out on a lunch bill?
He goes by John C. Porter, John Cellous Porter, John Vasconcelos Porter as well as others. He claims to have companies called Twin Eagle Trust, Transition Sciences LTD and others but hey guess what? Our private investigator has determined that none of these exist either.
Post by Don W MD
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Posted: 20 Jun , 2010 by Tony Blair  
This is incorrect... search google for sustainabank and praise.
Posted: 20 Jun , 2010 by No Way  
This is false... Sustainabank is legit and does honest business practices
Posted: 20 Jun , 2010 by This Should Be Taken Down  
Complaintsboard has already posted that they are going to remove their thread. You should probably do the same
Posted: 25 Nov , 2011 by Laxminarsimmha  
send update informaton, stores information in Hyderaba india give the particulas thankingyousir
Posted: 08 Nov , 2011 by Alan Howarth  
The posting above is totally inaccurate. I have personally known John Vasconcellos Porter for over 15 years and he has founded honorable businesses focused on sustainability and innovative technologies. The lack of proper identification of the posting party corroborates the false nature of the statements. Visit for more accurate data.
Posted: 14 Mar , 2013 by Ben Dover  
John Porter will take your money and spend it on divorces, cars, and food to feed his cowardly fat face. After he is finished with your money, good luck in trying to find him.
Posted: 28 Jan , 2013 by Review Team  
We are investigating this claim on both sides.

The claim is regarding sustainabank but the last post mentions an entirely different site. The last post is made by someone named Alan Howarth but then is created by an account under the name Paul. has no content but we intend to contact federal authorities to delve into this claim further to remove any liability to our site.

If any parties wish to revoke their statements or make new statements to that extent, please do so now.
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