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Pathetic Customer Service
I have had just about allI can take from the most incompetent, uselsess Service providers on the planet.
I purchased a contract on the 15th June 2010. On the 21st June at 16h15 I returned the package of cellphones untampered with to Baryy Le Pere who assured me that the contract would be cancelled once I spoke to the accounts department. Well I still have had absolutely no joy in getting this cancelled after making about 60 cakls and speaking to 50 people. On the 23rd July Bayport tried to debit my account but there were no funds avaialble. I did not authorise them to debit my account on this date. THey the debited again on the 24th fro an amount of R348.90. What frustartes me is taht they have all these details to take money from me but cannot find a paper trail to ascertain my cancellation. I am livid that I have to pay for cellphones which I am not using and still having to deal with untrained, uselss client service people who cannot do anything except transfer a person from one person to anaother.
Anyone ever thinking of doing business with Bayport please be very wary and if you can rather take your business to a more reputable dealer do so.
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