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Respected sir/madam,
Its the same story I have seen all over the Internet. I am not the only one by far who has had this happen. Massage Envy takes out $49.00 per month out of my checking account for each massage. If I happen to not get a massage treatment in a given month, it accumulates. Like roll-over minutes on a cell phone. I had a dozen or so after a couple years that were prepaid and I could go into Massage Envy and use it and pay only for the $15-$20 gratuity that they shamelessly put on signs for their clientelle to follow. I am one for tipping, but dont tell me what amount I need to tip. That is just rediculous. Anyway, after a while, with the economy and all, my business wasnt doing well at all and I had to cut back on a lot of things. I asked them what I could do to get reimbursed for the massage treatments that I haven\\t used. They said that the only thing I could do was to put my account on hold, so that more auto-withdrawals wouldn\\t come out for 6 months. However, after that six months, the auto-withdrawals would resume. I told them that I didnt forsee my financial situation being any better in 6 months, and I would just like to cancel my membership and get the money back for the massage treatments that I had not used. Nope... That was not possible. That is not our corporate policy. I was always told. So, I just decided to put my membership on hold as directed and wait to see if in 6 months I could begin reusing my prepaid massages.
Post by notHappy/Frustrated
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