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I had my wallet lifted while visiting Chicago. I notified credit cards and bank within 1/2 hour of the theft. When I called Charter One, I explained my situation, canceled my debit card and put a stop payment on the checks in my wallet. I thought this was the end to a bad incident. At no time did the customer service representitive inform me of any steps I should take to protect my identity and bank account. 6 months later, a check for a small amount posted to my account to a merchant I frequented (the store customer card was in the stolen wallet) I did not notice that the check number was from the stolen checks. 2 months later, two checks posted to my account totaling $3600.00 written on the stolen checks. I immediately notified my branch. The first thing the teller told me was I should have closed the checking account after the theft and that stop payments on checks was only good for 6 months. This was valuable information that SHOULD have been told to me by the representitive who spoke to me after the theft. If I had been advised to close the account because of the risk of future fraud, I would have done so immediately. Charter One accepts no liability because I missed the first check that was cashed and didn't notify within 30 days. They condsider all 3 checks one fraud incident. I have disputed this claim to no avail. I believe Charter One bears responsibility for not properly advising me to close the checking account after the theft. Their customer service represetitives should immediately forward any calls regarding check/identity theft to a fraud specialist who can properly advise the customer. Anyone who has had checks lost or stolen please close your account to prevent future fraud.
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Posted: 30 Apr , 2013 by Barbara Hurley  
In June, 2009 I sold my house and had my charter services transferred, with a zero balance. I moved to an apartment on Hudson for 7 months. Then I moved to Oak Ridge Place, Greenville, SC. I had my internet and tv transferred again, with a zero balance. This was January 2008 and on May 2008 I had a unpaid bill added to my credit report for a bill from my old account. It was for $60.83 and it was on a bill that had been closed. I called charter and I was told that I needed to pay it but they were not sure how to do it , since it was on a closed account. I informed them that I have every bill from Charter since 1994. I kept them in case something like this could happen. I actually have the bill for $60.83 paid. Now here we are 2013 and that bill remains on my credit report. I want it removed finally. I have all my bills and I am ready to go to small claims court. I thought about paying it again, but why? I would like this off my credit asap or I will see you in small claims court with every single bill since 1994, in my possession. Barbara Hurley
Acct# 8351100021602806,12 Cavendish Close
Acct# 8361100022906073>$60.83 Hudson Rd
Acct# 8351100011220205, Oak Ridge Place
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