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Respected sir/madam,
I finally decided to try the Free sample of Acai Berry Detox. I searched their website high and low to find what strings were attached. Not finding any, I went ahead and ordered it for the cost of shipping. At no time did the Terms and Conditions come up during the transaction. Again I was looking pretty hard for those strings attached. The packaged arrived USPS with only the bottle of Acai Berry Detox and a 3x5 card toting its benefits. Not even a packing slip. I looked at my checking account today to find that they have charged me $87.13. When I call the number attached to the transaction, they inform me that there is a 15 day trial. This is apparently covered in their Terms and Conditions. They tell me they are listed at the bottom of the website and refuse to refund my money. The Link to the Terms and Conditions is in fact at the bottom of the page where you would normally find the copywrite and contact information. It is listed in a font size of 7, Color of Blue, on a Blue background. This seems to be a very effective way for them to make money off of unsuspecting and even the most suspicious customer. My bank wont dispute the transaction as the Terms and Conditions (once found) do indicate the 15 day trial.
Post by Helen
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Posted: 08 Apr , 2010 by Taryn Edwards  
ripped off unfair no more
Posted: 03 Jun , 2010 by Nvjfiws1ixis  
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Posted: 28 May , 2010 by EtheraQuatrem  
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Posted: 30 May , 2010 by Dypebreespise  
HI admin!i need you help!
Posted: 31 May , 2010 by CibEViokimb  
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Posted: 01 Jun , 2010 by WagrononchristFloto  
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Posted: 03 Jun , 2010 by Nvjfiws1qbnl  
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Posted: 03 Jun , 2010 by Nvjfiws1istw  
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Riding: 1980</a> <a href=>Home Alone</a> <a href=\"\">Dirty Mary Crazy Larry</a> <a href=>House of Usher</a> <a href=>Addicted to Love</a> <a href=\"\">The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse</a> <a href=>Davy Crockett</a> <a href=>Saving Grace</a> <a href=>Death Wish</a> <a href=>Crocodile Dundee</a> <a href=\"\">Scorched</a> <a href=>The Prince of Egypt</a> <a href=\"\">Young People Fucking</a> <a href=\"\">Saving Grace</a> <a href=\"\">Quel maledetto treno blindato</a> <a href=\"\">V for Vendetta</a> <a href=\"\">Darling</a> <a href=\"\">The Fountainhead</a> <a href=>Step Brothers</a> <a href=\"\">Super Sucker</a> <a href=>Multiple Sarcasms</a> <a href=\"\">The Cruel Sea</a> <a href=\"\">Dark Mountain</a> <a href=\"\">Beverly Hills Cop</a>
Posted: 03 Jun , 2010 by Nvjfiws1vuhz  
<a href=\"\">Donald\\s Golf Game</a> <a href=>The Little Rascals</a> <a href=>Annie Hall</a> <a href=>Ruckus</a> <a href=\"\">Married Life</a> <a href=\"\">The Sea of Grass</a> <a href=>Bonanno: A Godfather\\s Story</a> <a href=\"\">Black Beauty</a> <a href=\"\">Deal</a> <a href=\"\">In the Bag</a> <a href=\"\">Dream Warrior</a> <a href=>Dead Space: Downfall</a> <a href=\"\">Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut</a> <a href=>Come September</a> <a href=>Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild</a> <a href=>Damien: Omen II</a> <a href=\"\">Berlin Express</a> <a href=\"\">Fear</a> <a href=>The Object of My Affection</a> <a href=\"\">Dragonquest</a> <a href=\"\">Freezer Burn</a> <a href=>Destination Moon</a> <a href=\"\">Pariah</a> <a href=>Sin</a> <a href=>Armored</a> <a href=>Scrooge</a> <a href=\"\">Pigs Is Pigs</a> <a href=>Caddyshack</a> <a href=>Home on the Range</a> <a href=>Forever Strong</a> <a href=>Night Watcher</a> <a href=\"\">Bush Christmas</a> <a href=\"\">Night Watcher</a> <a href=\"\">Shall we dansu?</a> <a href=\"\">Imperium: Augustus</a> <a href=>The Importance of Being Earnest</a> <a href=>The Collective</a> <a href=\"\">Ali Baba Goes to Town</a> <a href=>Knocked Up</a> <a href=>Frankenstein Unbound</a> <a href=>On the Road with Judas</a> <a href=\"\">Maintenance</a> <a href=>The Departed</a> <a href=\"\">Vampz</a> <a href=>High Life</a> <a href=>Sands of Oblivion</a> <a href=>Guinevere</a> <a href=\"\">The Time Guardian</a> <a href=>Craig</a> <a href=\"\">Graduation</a> <a href=>Lemora: A Child\\s Tale of the Supernatural</a> <a href=\"\">The Meerkats</a> <a href=>The Pirates Who Don\\t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie</a> <a href=\"\">Daredevil</a> <a href=\"\">Rolling</a> <a href=\"\">Strength and Honour</a> <a href=>Room 6</a> <a href=>The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior</a> <a href=>Crime of Passion</a> <a href=>Give em Hell</a> <a href=>The Rimshop</a> <a href=\"\">Sex Drive</a> <a href=\"\">Becoming Jane</a> <a href=\"\">The Over-the-Hill Gang</a> <a href=\"\">Cheaper by the Dozen</a> <a href=\"\">Catch Your Mind</a> <a href=>Catch Your Mind</a> <a href=>Justice Be Damned</a> <a href=\"\">Paranoid Park</a> <a href=>Sherman\\s Way</a> <a href=\"\">Fly Me to the Moon</a> <a href=>If These Walls Could Talk</a> <a href=\"\">Chrystal</a> <a href=\"\">Stanley</a> <a href=\"\">Blondie Has Servant Trouble</a> <a href=>Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders</a> <a href=>50 First Dates</a> <a href=>Beowulf</a> <a href=\"\">Skameyka</a> <a href=>Critters 4</a> <a href=>The Chair</a> <a href=>Earth</a> <a href=\"\">Flawless</a> <a href=\"\">The Haunted Airman</a> <a href=\"\">The Brothers Grimm</a> <a href=\"\">Kindergarten Cop</a> <a href=>Skylark</a> <a href=\"\">Camelot</a> <a href=>Coonskin</a> <a href=\"\">Skylark</a> <a href=>Pablo Francisco: Ouch! Live from San Jose</a> <a href=\"\">Basic Instinct</a> <a href=>Killshot</a> <a href=>Pretty Woman</a> <a href=>Career Opportunities</a> <a href=>The Living Wake</a> <a href=>Napoleon Dynamite</a> <a href=>Absolute Zero</a> <a href=>Hustle & Flow</a> <a href=\"\">Shot Through the Heart</a> <a href=>Eyes in the Night</a> <a href=\"\">Casey Bats Again</a> <a href=\"\">Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?</a> <a href=\"\">The Surfer King</a> <a href=>Tigerland</a> <a href=>The Unforgettable Benny Hill</a> <a href=>The Silent Scream</a> <a href=>Very Young Girls</a> <a href=\"\">Zeitgeist</a> <a href=>Ladies of the Chorus</a> <a href=\"\">Antitrust</a> <a href=\"\">The L-Shaped Room</a> <a href=>Rosso sangue</a> <a href=\"\">Ky?t? Han?</a> <a href=\"\">Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas</a> <a href=>Beyond Sherwood Forest</a> <a href=\"\">Henry V</a> <a href=>From Noon Till Three</a> <a href=>Knockaround Guys</a> <a href=\"\">Vredens dag</a> <a href=\"\">The Squid and the Whale</a> <a href=>Frygtelig lykkelig</a> <a href=\"\">The Hunting Party</a> <a href=>Absolute Power</a> <a href=\"\">Starship Troopers</a> <a href=>The Shanghai Cobra</a> <a href=>Kung Fu Flid</a> <a href=>Bob Funk</a> <a href=\"\">S1m0ne</a> <a href=\"\">Management</a> <a href=>Gator</a> <a href=>Outside Providence</a> <a href=\"\">Gypsy</a> <a href=>Once Upon a Crime...</a> <a href=\"\">The Great Global Warming Swindle</a> <a href=\"\">If I Die Tonight</a> <a href=\"\">Cowboy</a> <a href=>Sister Act</a> <a href=\"\">Best of the Best</a> <a href=>Small Island</a> <a href=>Shanghai Kiss</a> <a href=>Lonely Street</a> <a href=>Velvet Goldmine</a> <a href=\"\">Death of a Salesman</a> <a href=\"\">The Golden Voyage of Sinbad</a> <a href=\"\">50 First Dates</a> <a href=>Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?</a> <a href=\"\">Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race</a> <a href=>Lady in a Cage</a> <a href=>Mount Pleasant</a> <a href=\"\">3 Ninjas</a> <a href=>Bobby</a> <a href=\"\">Shanghai Express</a> <a href=\"\">Der letzte Mann</a> <a href=>Days of Heaven</a> <a href=>The Last Samurai</a> <a href=>Wings of the Navy</a> <a href=>Cradle 2 the Grave</a> <a href=\"\">Terror at Blood Fart Lake</a> <a href=>Rhinestone</a> <a href=\"\">Education for Death</a> <a href=\"\">Back Soon</a> <a href=\"\">Wolke Neun</a> <a href=>Jim Gaffigan: King Baby</a> <a href=>Back Door to Hell</a> <a href=\"\">Metropia</a> <a href=>Stick It</a> <a href=>Casanova</a> <a href=>Bring It On: Fight to the Finish</a> <a href=\"\">Wrongfully Accused</a> <a href=>The Kreutzer Sonata</a> <a href=>Tormented</a> <a href=>Transylvania 6-5000</a> <a href=\"\">Automatons</a> <a href=\"\">Jennifer\\s Body</a> <a href=>Midnight Express</a> <a href=\"\">The Thirst: Blood War</a> <a href=\"\">Episode list forEureka</a> <a href=\"\">How to Be a Detective</a> <a href=>The Roaring Twenties</a> <a href=\"\">Fantasia/2000</a> <a href=\"\">King Rat</a> <a href=>Hannibal Brooks</a> <a href=\"\">The President\\s Man</a> <a href=>Latter Days</a> <a href=\"\">Evilution</a> <a href=>Faultline</a> <a href=>Troglodyte</a> <a href=\"\">Break of Day</a> <a href=\"\">The Pirates Who Don\\t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie</a> <a href=\"\">Torque</a> <a href=>Raven Hawk</a> <a href=\"\">Captains of the Clouds</a> <a href=>A Job to Kill For</a> <a href=>May</a> <a href=\"\">Land of the Lost</a> <a href=>One Million Years B.C.</a> <a href=>Devil\\s Cargo</a> <a href=\"\">Hurlyburly</a> <a href=\"\">True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet</a>
Posted: 03 Jun , 2010 by Nvjfiws1kzgf  
<a href=>Men of Honor</a> <a href=\"\">Stand Up</a> <a href=\"\">Motel Hell</a> <a href=>Good Time Max</a> <a href=>The Way Ahead</a> <a href=>My Blue Heaven</a> <a href=\"\">9</a> <a href=>Sex and the City</a> <a href=>The Matrix Reloaded</a> <a href=>Maniac</a> <a href=\"\">Star Trek: Insurrection</a> <a href=>Season of the Witch</a> <a href=\"\">Saturday Morning</a> <a href=>Remarkable Power</a> <a href=>Wasabi</a> <a href=>RoboDoc</a> <a href=>Rain in the Mountains</a> <a href=>T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L.</a> <a href=>The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3</a> <a href=>Encounters at the End of the World</a> <a href=\"\">Mo\\ Better Blues</a> <a href=\"\">Spartacus</a> <a href=>Loaded</a> <a href=>Urban Legend</a> <a href=>Nothing But the Truth</a> <a href=\"\">Disturbia</a> <a href=\"\">Aquarela do Brasil</a> <a href=>Escape from Wildcat Canyon</a> <a href=\"\">Toy Story</a> <a href=\"\">Dirty Mary Crazy Larry</a> <a href=\"\">The River</a> <a href=>Shrek Forever After</a> <a href=>The Survivors</a> <a href=>Body Shots</a> <a href=>The Peacekeeper</a> <a href=>Shadows in the Sun</a> <a href=\"\">Birthday Girl</a> <a href=>Garfield Gets Real</a> <a href=\"\">The English Patient</a> <a href=>Shuang tong</a> <a href=>Koroshiya 1</a> <a href=\"\">Dragonslayer</a> <a href=\"\">Memoirs of a Survivor</a> <a href=>Same Time</a> <a href=>Hotel for Dogs</a> <a href=\"\">Stick It</a> <a href=>Bikini Beach</a> <a href=\"\">Drag Me to Hell</a> <a href=\"\">My Dinner with Jimi</a> <a href=\"\">A Nightmare on Elm Street</a> <a href=\"\">Sleep Dealer</a> <a href=>Casper Meets Wendy</a> <a href=>The Princess Diaries</a> <a href=>Welcome to Mooseport</a> <a href=>Resident Evil: Extinction</a> <a href=>Hallowed Grounds</a> <a href=\"\">Trucker</a> <a href=>Kiss Me Deadly</a> <a href=>A Good Year</a> <a href=>Lies and Crimes</a> <a href=>Filth and Wisdom</a> <a href=\"\">Player 5150</a> <a href=>Sorority Boys</a> <a href=>While She Was Out</a> <a href=\"\">The Girl in the Park</a> <a href=>Babylon A.D.</a> <a href=\"\">The Masquerader</a> <a href=\"\">Sherlock Holmes</a> <a href=\"\">Monster</a> <a href=\"\">Forever Young</a> <a href=>Her Best Move</a> <a href=\"\">The Matrix Reloaded</a> <a href=\"\">Stepfather II</a> <a href=\"\">My First Wedding</a> <a href=\"\">Snakes on a Plane</a> <a href=\"\">G.I. Jesus</a> <a href=>Swept Away</a> <a href=>Desert Flower</a> <a href=>Fireproof</a> <a href=>Disturbia</a> <a href=\"\">Godspeed</a> <a href=>Remember the Titans</a> <a href=>Mo</a> <a href=\"\">Appointment with Crime</a> <a href=>Whisper Island</a> <a href=\"\">Catch Your Mind</a> <a href=>Night Watch</a> <a href=\"\">Pretty Persuasion</a> <a href=>The Stepfather</a> <a href=>Les parapluies de Cherbourg</a> <a href=\"\">T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous</a> <a href=>Ben-Hur</a> <a href=>Unknown</a> <a href=\"\">The Left Hand of God</a> <a href=>Tears of the Sun</a> <a href=>Imagine Me & You</a> <a href=>The Detonator</a> <a href=>The Pacific and Eddy</a> <a href=>The Lost World</a> <a href=\"\">Armed Response</a> <a href=>Sherlock Holmes</a> <a href=>Iron Road</a> <a href=>Radical Jack</a> <a href=>Man on the Moon</a> <a href=>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre</a> <a href=>Wild Geese II</a> <a href=\"\">Appointment with Death</a> <a href=>Coyote Ugly</a> <a href=\"\">Death Racers</a> <a href=>Saving Emily</a> <a href=\"\">Point of Origin</a> <a href=\"\">Quicksand</a> <a href=\"\">Western Union</a> <a href=\"\">The Adventures of Baron Munchausen</a> <a href=\"\">Flawless</a> <a href=\"\">Miracle of the White Stallions</a> <a href=>Mr. Mom</a> <a href=>Bitter & Twisted</a> <a href=\"\">Brothers of the Head</a> <a href=>The Brothers Bloom</a> <a href=>Destination Moon</a> <a href=\"\">Drowning Mona</a> <a href=>Lady in the Water</a> <a href=>I Want a Dog for Christmas</a> <a href=>Steep</a> <a href=\"\">The Tale of Despereaux</a> <a href=\"\">Blades of Glory</a> <a href=\"\">Better Things</a> <a href=>Prime Mover</a> <a href=>Red Doors</a> <a href=\"\">Gossip</a> <a href=\"\">Long Day\\s Journey Into Night</a> <a href=>Breakdown</a> <a href=\"\">Cyclops</a> <a href=>Hilary and Jackie</a> <a href=>The Covenant</a> <a href=\"\">All the King\\s Men</a> <a href=\"\">Company Man</a> <a href=>They Call It Sin</a> <a href=>Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel</a> <a href=>Charade</a> <a href=\"\">Van Wilder: Freshman Year</a> <a href=\"\">Waters Rising</a> <a href=\"\">T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L.</a> <a href=\"\">Possessed</a> <a href=\"\">Chicken in the Rough</a> <a href=\"\">The Lost Continent</a> <a href=\"\">Final Voyage</a> <a href=>The Spell</a> <a href=>8 Heads in a Duffel Bag</a> <a href=\"\">Raising Cain</a> <a href=\"\">Cobra</a> <a href=>Mother Ghost</a> <a href=\"\">Mr. Skeffington</a> <a href=>Friday Night Lights</a> <a href=\"\">AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip Live</a> <a href=\"\">Her Best Move</a> <a href=\"\">Foul Play</a> <a href=>Appointment with Death</a> <a href=\"\">Radical Jack</a> <a href=\"\">A Single Man</a> <a href=\"\">Saving Emily</a> <a href=\"\">A Yank at Oxford</a> <a href=>Dracula: Dead and Loving It</a> <a href=\"\">Sex and the Single Girl</a> <a href=>The Secret of My Succe$s</a> <a href=>Crazy Heart</a> <a href=\"\">Interceptor</a> <a href=>The Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the Rose</a> <a href=>Zombie vs. Ninja</a> <a href=>Lies & Illusions</a> <a href=\"\">The Hamster Factor and Other Tales of Twelve Monkeys</a> <a href=>Half Nelson</a> <a href=\"\">Heart of Dragon</a> <a href=>Shark in Venice</a> <a href=>Lost Highway</a> <a href=>Tales of the Riverbank</a> <a href=>The Skeptic</a> <a href=>Man in the Chair</a> <a href=\"\">Shooting Dogs</a> <a href=>Back to School</a> <a href=>Lake of Fire</a> <a href=>Appointment with Crime</a> <a href=\"\">Eddie Murphy Delirious</a> <a href=>In Hell</a> <a href=\"\">Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever</a> <a href=\"\">The Million Dollar Hotel</a> <a href=\"\">Bottle Rocket</a> <a href=>Top Secret Affair</a> <a href=>Broken Trail</a> <a href=>You Don\\t Mess with the Zohan</a> <a href=\"\">Lies and Crimes</a> <a href=\"\">Stand-In</a> <a href=>Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger</a> <a href=\"\">Penny Serenade</a> <a href=>I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer</a> <a href=>Urmel voll in Fahrt</a> <a href=\"\">Breaking Glass</a> <a href=>Shaft</a> <a href=>I Tried</a>
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