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Wal-Mart charged me over $7.00 for one box of Bryers Ice Cream! I thought my total was rather high but I did not scrutinize my receipt until I got home. This is when I realized that I was overcharged considerably for my Ice Cream. I normally pay between $2.75 - $4.99 for Bryers Ice Cream but at the time of this particular purchase my Ice Cream cost over $7.00. Upon checking my receipt I learned that my ice cream was listed as IMPULSE IC. The UPC number next to the item marked as IMPULSE IC was the same as the UPC number on my box of Bryers Ice Cream. Someone at Walmart imputted the item name IMPULSE, with the letters IC, along with the UPC code for Bryers with great care. The term used to identify this overpriced item 'IMPULSE IC' is of interest as well. Some may consider Ice Cream an impulse buy, a common term used in the world of retail marketing and sales. I feel that this was done purposely by Wal-mart. I believe that they have considered the chances they would be taking If they ripped off consumers in this mannor. A customer might be upset but would hardly leave the comfort of their home for two extra bucks or to return melted ice-cream. I might never have noticed the high price of my ice-cream purchase that day, and with that said, I did in deed notice. I acknowledged that Wal-Mart has effectively ripped me off for an extra $2.00 or more that day. And that day, I choose to enjoy my overpriced Bryers ice cream, I did not return it to the store, and I vowel never return to Wal-Mart or any of its Subsidiaries again. Wal-Mart is what's wrong with America! We should have listened!
Post by Ryan
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