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Respected sir/madam,
It all started with a banner (0n another website) saying you could work from home for $42 per hr, and to call a toll free number 1800 637 190 ext 2556 for more info, then Mr Karl Cartar also goes by other names like Klay Khol. Basically they would provide you with a Website that linked to other major sites then for every sale you would make, you get paid 10% commission and you have 3 packages to choose from starting with the basic at $140 and goes up to the Elite which gives you 4 websites to link too namely, Amazon.com, Sony, Real Network and Unbeatablesales.com plus their link on your website which by the way, you can give it any name you like which I found suss and tried to question him about it but he got agro. Now if you say you cant afford it then they say they will give you the Basic package for $99 and throw in 100 search engines for free! Now if you know anything about how the internet works, then you know that once you submit your Domain name, Google and other search engines pick it up for free! I tried to argue that but he wouldnt let me get a word in, he also insisted on having my address so he could mail me checks, I tried (in vain) to tell him that I just wanted the money put into PayPal and instead of paying via PayPal to use the CC as it would be quicker. I got a bad vibe then and I should have listened to gut feeling! Now I have to wait for the payment to go through before I can dispute it! Luckily I only went for the basic package! I have canceled my card so they dont re use it! Still, I feel sick knowing they have my address, phone, etc! I should have just looked up the name online as Mr Karl was talking me into it! Well never again!
Post by Dober
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