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Respected sir/madam,

This company is nothing you as a client or employee want to be a part of. There are many things wrong with this company than just the lies they feed their employees, and the promises of keeping their cleaners constant. They are not only completely against the gay lifestyle but talks about how they don\\t like GLBT people in their home. They are unprofessional and call their employees by racist terms. Daryl will talk about how his employees are not smart, how his clients use him for how little they pay them. But the worst thing is they don\\t have any sense of professionalism. They have been at client visits yelling at their employees about how they are not doing their job, but even worse they were in a home in Edina and they were yelling at each other in their home about personal business. I don\\t think that owners of a business should be yelling at each other while they are interviewing a new client but even worse yelling about personal problems.
They don\\t treat their employees like human beings. Daryl will talk about you behind you back, he will comment about how you are causing more problems than helping. He also makes fun of how some of his cleaners are slow. The worst thing Daryl talks about is his employees personal business. He talks about how people on Minnesota Assistance should not be even getting their health insurance. He complains to others employees about how he has to do state paperwork for another employee and talks about how this is not right. And how the state needs to stop assisting helplessness.
Post by Karma-2011
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