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placed an order in late May on Wed for a microwave at for in-store pickup. The order went through and the email confirmation says that the item is ready for be picked up in 2 days pending another email confirmation. I forgot if the site indicated the item was in-store or not, but in any case, 6-8 days extra if not in-store which was totally acceptable. No email came on Friday or over the weekend. I called the store and I could hardly understand the rude employee but basically they received no shipment and told me to wait for the email. I then called Sears Customer Care and credit must be given where credit is due, the agent was super nice but she wasn't able to help much because the system gave her no useful information to impart. First, she told me if a merchandise wasn't available to pick up in a store, my order shouldn't have gone through. When she tried to find out what was going on, the system simply indicated that the merchandise was out with no estimated date of arrival. Yet, Sears charged my credit card as if I already took the merchandise home. She also couldn't tell if any other Sears in my city had the item in store but I could look it up online, while I was on the phone with her, that another store had. That tells you how inefficient Sears' inventory system is. Then I asked if they could send the item from that store to the one I was supposed to pickup. She said their system couldn't do that but I could keep calling back to check if they'd new update on the delivery date. Amazing, what hoops I've to jump through. If I didn't call, I'd just be waiting, they don't inform you when they run out of stocks. Then I emailed Customer Care to see if another agent could do something. I was then told to order it again for home delivery and Sears would reimbursement me for the shipping charge. Okay, that's good only the problem was that stopped taking shipping order and I could only do a pickup (from a very faraway store). I replied with the info and asked what other solution they could give me. The next day they had the nerve to just cancel my order, without my consent! The rub is that I placed the order when the item was on sale and I used a coupon to bring the price even lower. I don't understand why they couldn't just keep the order and charge my card when they ship the item and let me, the customer, decide whether I want to wait or not. Of course, now they don't have to sell it at the lower price. So aggravating. They won't last long with this kind of retailing misstep.
Post by Tantris
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