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weedeater wont stay running, wanted refund
Respected sir/madam,
6-18-09 Well, let me give you my horror story about Sears. 6-13-09 went to the 1540 Park Av store in orange park, fl. Wanted a weedeater with wheels. due to neck operation and could no longer use the regular weed eater we already had. On the floor there was one which was bigger than what I wanted. I wanted a small one to do a residental lot where I live in Orange Park. Well, the 329 dollar one was what I took up to salesman, asked for a 10% discount. Said they didnít do that. So, he told me he had a Weed Eater on wheels that was a little smaller. I had told him I didnt want to pay 329 dollars for a weedeater on wheels. that is why he mentioned the smaller one. So, I said, ok, , Iíll take it. 159 dollars _tax. 171.00 So, took it home, my 30 year old son came over to help me, and he said, wont weed eat wont stay running, goes dead when you start to try to weedeat. Now, I am talking about regular dollar weed, which you can cut with a butter knife, it is not a weed, just something like 4 leaf clover.. For people who are not familiar with dollar weed. So I tried it, did same thing. We know the correct gas mixture. And tied it several times different areas of lawn. Told him ok, go ahead and use the gas weedeater we had. He put the other one in the shop and I took it back today 6-18-09. I took in, and Justin, same salesman, was person I explained to, that when I would start to weed eat, the engine would bog down, and shut off. He said well, I can give you an exchange, or store credit. I explained, I didnít want another one, since this one didnít work, why would another one. all I wanted was a refund . He stated he could not give me a refund, it would have to be a store credit, or exchange. I asked, why would I want one of the same... Told him didnít want a store credit. I really donít shop Sears except for when I have to simply for the reason, back when they did catalog orders, you would order something, get the wrong one, have to go back and play the bait and switch game. But if I buy something, and it doesnít work, I donít care where I get it, I expect a refund for it. So, he said no, could not give me a refund. Plain and simple, so Richard, my boyfriend just happened to go down there with me and the other man took him in back and they came back in a few minutes and Richard said, they will give us a refund. This is after Justin, has argued with me for 15 minutes that I could not have one. In the meantime, since I was getting no satisfaction from him, I asked for a Sears telephone number of a person who did have that authority. Said he didnt have that... So, hey rang it up and said I would be credited about 145.00 dollars. Well, my total bill when I bought it was 171.00 dollars. I asked why am I not getting the full refund? He said restocking fee. It was used. I said, ok, how do I not know it doesnít work, if it isnít used::::????? So, after 40 minutes, asking for a Sears corporate number, or someone I could speak with about a full refund. They give me his managers number 800 877 8701. Finally after several other 800 numbers, was sent to the correct department for National complaints After going thru all the buttons to get customer service, I am given a number to National Relations service. That number which is hard at obtain is 877-8783695. After losing connections for 3 times, and I was on a cell phone at the time, so could have been mine, but I did have signals so not sure. Spoke with rep, explained situation with her. She told me she would make a report for me as to my complaint, and said I should get the full refund back because it states so on the receipt and nowhere on the receipt does it indicate a 15% restocking fee. So, after about an hour, and upsetting me so much, that I was shaking, and had a very bad headache which brings on migranes, and after Jason Kilgore, the ASSISTANT manager argued with her for 30 minutes, gave me a full refund. I have told them there will be a discrimination lawsuit if I can find an attorney who will take on Sears. The reason being, is I am a woman, and not once did the salesman, justin offer me a refund. The Assistant manager asked my boyfriend to go into the back with him. They came out and Richard told me they would give us a refund. That is when the 15% stocking fee came up. So, my question to any attorneys out there, does that constitute a discrimination against a woman. A man can be given a refund, but not once did either the salesman, or the assistant manager offer it to me. Also, while he was speaking to the National relations representative, he made an out and out lie to her, stating I was planning to go out and buy another weedeater, or had already done it. This to me, is calling me a liar, and I didnít go down there to be harassed, discriminated, stressed out, or called a liar. This can be attested to by my boyfriend who thankfully was there and heard everything that went on. He even told the Assistant manager he didnít appreciate the way both of us were being treated, like we do this for a livingÖÖ Well losing 15% doesnít set right with me, and I would not have taken it back it the product had worked. So, Eddie Farah, or any other attorney that wants to take my case with a discrimination lawsuit against Sears, please post a reply to this complaint, and I will be glad to let you handle it on a contingency basis. I asked the National re Well losing 15% doesnít set right with me, and I would not have taken it back it the product had worked. p if our conversation was being recorded, taped, and she said yes. She also said she was noting the account as to what has transpired between the store employees, me, and the attitude with her, a national relations rep. Please let me know if there are any other women out there who have had the same problem with Sears as to how you as a woman was treated, in respect to a woman asking for service and a man who you can provide truthful information to me. Richard, my boyfriend, has agreed I was treated different, and he would tell me if that was not the facts. Fran
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