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False Advertising\r\n\r\nMisrepresented items as FDA approved. Dangerous unapproved medical device that is being heavily marketed to US doctors illegally. The doctors are lied to and therefore believe the device is legal and safe. It is neither legal nor safe to use as it was sold to the doctor. It is equally illegal for the doctor to use this device and advertise it as a fat loss treatment. Several doctors have already received disciplinary judgments from their respective state medical boards and face licensure revocation. The FTC has received complaints regarding false advertising, misbranding, and off-label marketing.\r\n\r\nThe FDA has also received complaints detailing with the off-label uses and marketing. However, the most serious are the reports of possible skin cancer and other abnormal skin mutations and growths caused by the Lapex and Yolo Curve Lipo lasers. The FDA approval process is in place precisely to protect the public from charlatans and snake oil salesman that would take profit even at the cost of human life.\r\n\r\nThis is not over dramatic in the slightest as the FDA has recently taken action against one of Yolo Medicals peers in the laser industry by punitive fines over $5 million and jail for the involved employees of the medical device company. So be warned employees of Yolo Medical, you could be next on the FDAs list to go to jail. They watched the other laser company for 3 years before arrests were made. Even foreign citizens involved in the illegal importation and sale of the devices were fined and arrested. Being in Canada won’t protect you if you break the law. Extradition for this type of issue is likely as it includes import tax fraud when the value of the device is significantly lower than the actual charges to customers.\r\n\r\nTo the doctors that would be scammed by the want of easy money, run away. To the patients that would be scammed by the want of easy fat loss, run away and keep running if you want something that will work. You will find only lies and disappointment with the lipo laser. The results claimed are only from the diet, exercise and elastic body wraps used and NOT from the laser.\r\n\r\nAny company or person using this device in the US in any state is committing a crime if they falsely claim FDA approval of the lipo laser and or use it on a patient for fat loss or body contouring.
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Posted: 24 Jun , 2013 by Narayan  
Like to add my 2 cents ... Yes many tech companies are manikg web 2.0 application; and no one know for sure how to make money out of it. In my opinion, this is another tech gold rush, and there are two reasons behind it. 1) Everyone try to become another Google. No try no chance. 2) Everyone hope to become another youtube; no profit but popular, then get bough and become an Millionaire! But anyway this is good for engineers, more new product developments means more hiring demand.
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