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ANIMAL RESCUE FRAUD\r\n \r\nBAMBI\\\\S HOPE RESCUE IS A FAKE RESCUE. IT IS NOT A 501C3 AND CANNOT LEGALLY SOLICIT FUNDS. IT IS RUN BY CON ARTIST KIMBERLY GLASNAPP AND HER CON IN TRAINING DAUGHTER CASSANDRA GLASNAPP.\r\n\r\nKIMBERLY GLASNAPP NO DOUBT PLAGIARIZED THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FROM A LEGITIMATE SITE. THIS IS FROM HER BAMBI\\\\S HOPE RESCUE FACEBOOK PAGE.\r\n\r\nBambi\\\\s Hope Rescue is an all breed dog and cat rescue. As part of a huge network here in Southern California we are committed to saving and protecting the lives of stray and abandoned companion animals and ones at-risk of euthanasia.\r\n\r\n\r\nCompany Overview\r\n\r\nHOW WE BEGAN\r\nIn 2006 I decided to started noticing rescue efforts online and doing what I could through local networking to help their efforts. In 2009 after many months of helping my rescue friends network shelter pets I noticed that good pictures got more exposure and attention so I began going to my local animal shelter, which happened to be the Orange County Shelter, and take photographs of the urgent and in-need animals to network them in social media outlets like Facebook and Myspace.\r\n\r\nACCORDING TO THE RESEARCH I HAVE DONE AND MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH HER. . . KIMBERLY \\\"PULLED\\\" DOGS FOR LEGITIMATE RESCUES AND SHE SPENDS HER DAYS CROSS POSTING PICTURES AND SETTING UP CHIP INS FOR DOGS AND KEEPS A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THE MONEY SHE RAISES FOR HERSELF. THE 501C3 SHE PULLED GRACIE AND CHANEL (THE DOGS I FOSTERED FOR HER) WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER AND FIVE OTHER LEGIT RESCUES STOPPED WORKING WITH THE GLASNAPP\\\\S AS WELL. SHE CREATED THREE CHIP INS FOR GRACIE AND CHANEL RAISING OVER $800 AND SHE GAVE ME A WALMART CARD FOR $165 AND SENT ME $50 CASH THREE MONTHS LATER. SHE LIES AND TELLS PEOPLE SHE SENT ME BLANK CHECKS BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE MY NAME ON ANYTHING. THE WOMAN LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING.\r\n\r\nDescription\r\nWHAT WE DO\r\nAs an All Breed Dog and Cat Rescue, we rescue not only from local shelters that are high volume & high kill but also strays and rescuing animals from inadequate or abusive living conditions and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes.. We make every effort to spread awareness about the injustices of animal experimentation as well as pet stores and puppy mills.\r\n\r\nOUR GOAL\r\nOur goal is to rescue homeless and death row animals and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes.\r\n\r\nOur success has reached as far as Canada and Washington where adopters fell in love with a dog or cat through a photo, and before our eyes, we watched plans fall into place for the pull, transport and rescue of many animals who otherwise would have had no hope.\r\n\r\nI hope to be able to reach out to other LA and Orange County shelters, to provide them with the necessary resources and additional tools to network and save many more lives. With the involvement of photographers, fosters, friends and other volunteers we can make a huge difference.\r\n\r\nWith all this in mind, I am preparing to apply for 501(c) non-profit status. Once obtained, we will be able to seek grants, donations, fund raise, as well as have the ability to pull and rescue animals immediately when a foster is available.\r\n\r\nIf you are interested in contributing to our legal fund any donations can be sent to:\r\n\r\nWHAT KIND OF A PERSON DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE MONEY TO FILE LEGAL DOCUMENTS TO OPEN A 501C3 AND IS ASKING PEOPLE FOR MONEY SO SHE CAN FILE THE PAPERWORK. IT IS CALLED \\\"GET A JOB\\\" KIMBERLY. KIMBERLY CANNOT EVEN PAY HER OWN RENT. SHE IS 45 YEARS OLD AND LIVES WITH HER PARENTS AND HER DAUGHTER. AND ALL THEY DO IS GET STONED ALL DAY AND CROSS POST ANIMALS. THEY WERE UNABLE TO FIND A HOME FOR GRACIE AND CHANEL IN SIX MONTHS. ANY LEGITIMATE RESCUE THAT HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN RESCUE FOR YEARS GETS HOMES WITHIN A MONTH AT THE MOST. SHE ASKS OTHER PEOPLE TO GIVE PICTURES OF THEIR RESCUED PETS AND PRETENDS THAT SHE GOT THEM HOMES WHEN SHE DIDN\\\\T.\r\n\r\nWe are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, finding them suitable new homes, and increasing public awareness on the responsibilities of pet ownership throughout the tri state areas. We also work to save the lives of cats and dogs slated for euthanasia at Animal Control facilities and Shelters.\r\nEND MISSION STATEMENT.\r\n\r\n*** PLEASE NOTE\r\nCommunication on the Bambi\\\\s Hope Rescue community web page is expected to be non offensive, respectful, helpful, cooperative, kind and positive.\r\n\r\nHERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW KIMBERLY IS NON OFFENSIVE . . . ON HER BLOG THAT IS A MILE LONG WITH ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER ABOUT ME UNDER A FAKE NAME SHE WRITES THE FOLLOWING. IT IS ACTUALLY A PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF KIMBERLY GLASNAPP HERSELF.\r\n\r\nBea is a seriously a mental case, she’s mean, yes racist, anti-Semitic, anti black, anti-male, makes a habit of terrorizing innocent people, estranged from all her family, ex-friends, etc, on and on. I’ve had personal experiences with this horrible excuse for a human being. She just causes trouble with everyone, period. Verify her police reports, her personal breakdowns, maybe on meds or drugs. Can’t keep a relationship….and people actually listen to her for advice, she’s a fraud. You might say it’s sad, and it probably is, but she’s so spiteful, bi-polar, menacing and downright mean and not so bright, it’s hard to be compassionate. I and we are very glad to be rid of her from our lives, but you should be aware, she claims to be a psychic and she give the profession a really bad name. Don’t waste your hard earned money. Don’t have her foster pets, she will be off-med whacko about EVERYTHING. Nothing changes Beatrice, does it. Oh, and the pictures she put on her websites, uh, taken when Nixon was president and when she was 74 pounds lighter, Bye, bye.\r\n\r\nAS HERSELF SHE WROTE THE FOLLOWING ... I HAVE TO SAY I WAS IN SHOCK THAT SHE COULD BE SUCH A VICIOUS LYING P.O.S. BUT THIS IS KIMBERLY GLASNAPP BEING KIMBERLY GLASNAPP.\r\n\r\nShe (AS IN ME) has made many outrageous claims against myself such as posing as another person on a made up profile to send her hate messages. She stated that she knew it was me because “Jesus” told her it was me. It certainly proves how psychic she is, because I have certainly never done such a thing and would really love for her to prove that it was me!\r\n\r\nThis stuff is just everywhere on her along with her advertisements to sell her so called psychic services, whoring herself out like she’s done since she was 14, , , right Bea? You thought it wouldn’t get out? That’s all b.s. about being psychic sicne you were in your teens when really you asked a cell mate during one of your short stays in the county lock up for prostitution, to teach you to read tarot cards. She has never ever ever had a job in her life and she’s no more psychic than I’m a millionaire. She’s a whore and a con artist as well as eveyrthing else they all say she is. What a pig.\r\n\r\nI COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS HEARTLESS BITCH COULD WRITE LIBEL OF THIS MAGNITUDE BUT SHE HAS NO PROBLEM DOING IT SINCE SHE IS A LYING SOCIOPATH WITH NO CONSCIENCE.\r\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n\r\nIt is understood that our mission sometimes evokes strong emotion for different reasons that may come across the wrong way. Please be mindful that written communication may be construed in a manner in which it was not intended or in a manner that was intended but that is not permitted on this site. (i.e.: If you disagree with a statement that someone has made, please disagree kindly & respectfully.) We are all in this mission together. We are all on the same team.\r\n\r\nYOU ARE ONLY IN THIS FOR YOURSELF KIMBERLY . . . YOU PROVED IT WITH GRACIE AND CHANEL THAT YOU COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEM. YOU HAD A CHANCE TO REHOME THEM TOGETHER IN OCTOBER AND AGAIN IN DECEMBER BUT INSTEAD YOU SEPARATED THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE ON TEAM BITCH FROM HELL.\r\n\r\n*** VENDORS\r\nIf you are interested in the possibility of teaming up with Bambi\\\\s Hope Rescue please do not leave a note on our wall as that detracts from our mission, which is getting available pups visibility for adoption (violation of this policy will result in deletion of the post and a block).\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nWARNING . . . KIMBERLY AND CASSANDRA GLASNAPP ARE NOT IN IT FOR THE ANIMALS . . . JUST FOR THE EASY MONEY OF SETTING UP CHIP INS AND USING SOME OF IT FOR THE ANIMALS BUT MOST OF IT FOR THEMSELVES. NEITHER ONE OF THEM AS OF THIS POSTING HAS A JOB SO HOW DO THEY SUPPORT THEMSELVES?? BY CHEATING OTHERS . . . OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY.\r\n
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