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Said I was a winner and asked for $11.89 for
Respected sir/madam,
I received an Official Mail Delivery Form W098 saying I had won $2, 000, 000.00 and I could get it in 30 payments of $66, 667.00 or in one lump sum of $1, 250, 000.00. Then the form said I had to send an applied fee of $11.89 in order to secure the money. Stupid me sent the check for $11.89 and I have not heard a word. I got to thinking about it shortly after I sent it and got a bad gut feeling it was fraud. I started checking on line under Award Notification Commission/aka Next Gen and found 70 complaints of fraud just like this one. I want these people stopped and I want my $11.89 back and I want to know if I have groundsto sue these people for fraud. I have done lots of paper work on this and have the forms. sent to me. I\\\"m mad at myself, but these documents look very much official. It has for the address the following:.Office of the President, Award Notification Commission, Official Records and Contact -Financial Matters, Processing & Judging Plaza, PO Box 2905, Kansas City, KS 66110 and then under that it says UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Mr. James Mallory signed the form. It all looked and sounded so official. What a dope I am. I hope you can get these bozos and put them in jail. I don\\\\t want to see anyone else scammed.
Post by Carolyn Faye Lamb
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Posted: 29 Apr , 2013 by Lucia  
I received the same letter, but as I did not believe in it, I just checked on internet and notice that is a big fraud.
Posted: 02 Apr , 2013 by Lisa Lamm  
I got the same thing for 3 million dollars a fee of 11.89 i agree they should go to jail i should see about turning this in
Posted: 13 Jun , 2013 by Tiffany  
I got one for $3,000,000 dollars and I had to send in $12.99
Posted: 04 Sep , 2013 by Ahamed  
i got one for $3,000,000 dollars!!
Posted: 04 Sep , 2013 by Valerie Gray  
I just received this letter today. I think someone from the government needs to check them out for fraud.
Posted: 24 May , 2013 by Autumn  
I have recieved the same letter and sent them 14.89 so how can I get them for it and they just sent me another letter today to send more money for 11.89
Posted: 29 Nov , 2013 by Matt Biasotti  
I received this same letter yesterday. Before I got my hopes up I decided to investigate the matter further. Everything that I have found indicates that this is a scam. Please be aware of the scams that target people who are most desperate.
Posted: 29 Jan , 2014 by Dave R  
I just got scammed for 15.99 rush order, wow I was so excited just got let go from my job because business is doing really bad and was thinking boy a blessing from heaven until I looked up the form online where everyone has been scammed as well. Times are tuff and people like this make it harder. Please God Help me...
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