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Bad Customer Service/Overdraft Fees
Respected sir/madam,
I wanted to share the customer service that Wells Fargo provides to their customers.\r\n\r\nI have a checking account with Wells Fargo. It was Wachovia when I started and I have been with Wachovia/Wells Fargo for 10 years (including the merger).\r\n\r\nLast night, I paid my landlord her rent. She deposited her checks around 8:00PM. At midnight (give or take an hour) my normal direct deposit check for about $900 went in. So, give or take 4 hours ok, they hit me for $70.00 ( 2 @ $35.00) overdraft fees because of a four hour lapse. When I called Wells Fargo customer service center to see as a courtesy could they waive the fees ONCE, I talked to a “Calisha” and she stated they could do NOTHING for me there and she wasn’t very nice. I asked for her supervisor, I got Greg, he wasn’t nice either. I asked him as a onetime courtesy for an account in good standing and a good customer, could they waive the fee. He stated there was nothing he can do at ALL and try going into the bank branch. I stated I can’t make it to a branch and they are no help either. I asked him for their corporate number, he flat out LIED and said there isn’t a corporate number and did not give it to me. I asked for his supervisor. He said his supervisor was out, he can take a message and they will call Monday. I said no that’s ok, I will find your corporate number.\r\n\r\nI had to Google Wells Fargo Corporate Number, in order to get it. To me, I think that’s SO shady, when a company won’t give out their corporate number. I deal with customers on a daily basis and if a customer wants corporate, I always give the phone number.\r\n\r\nI called and spoke to one woman, she stated they can do half ($35.00) and I said ok and accepted and see if she do the other half. She stated no. I had to hang up (I’m at work) and just to get things moving, I took it. I called back on my lunch break got another representative. I explained the situation. First when she looked at my account, the initial reimbursement wasn’t processed and not even approved, after I told it was good to go. She put me on hold and got back on the line. She then stated, they put through the $35.00 and that’s all they can do and they are already going BEYOND for waiving one fee. Then stated to tell me about their procedures on how we have until 9PM to deposit money and for it to be posted on the same day. I never heard of that. Then she said she can’t do anything else. And the thing is, I have another debit posting to my account and I’m short because of this issue and I will be hit another $35.00.\r\n\r\nNumber one, when it was Wachovia, they process debits first and then credits, they do the opposite, which is TOTALLY backwards anyway. I begged and asked them to please waive the second fee. I don’t have the money to pay for the overdraft at the time, I’m a single mom and I just paid my bills today and I’m totally broke and didn’t even get to buy food yet. They still said no. I didn’t ask for the world, and I told them they only can do it once and I would NEVER NEVER EVER ask again, and again I begged, they still said no. I just wanted them to waive the 2nd fee as a courtesy. I see if the money didn’t appear into my account for 2-3 days later, I can see paying for it and I would have, however, for about a 4-6 hours lapse, you can’t waive $70.00 ONCE for an account in good standing for a loyal customer? Yes, I will definitely NOT refer them to anyone else ever, that’s why when I take survey’s I always give Wells Fargo low scores and in a month, when I can afford the minimum balance, I’m taking my business somewhere else. With the taxpayers paying bail outs and the CEO get their bonuses why they are crying they are broke and their ridiculous fees, I can’t believe that Wells Fargo cannot do anything once for a customer. What great customer service. I just wanted to put the word out there about the kind of service Wells Fargo does and does not provide. I don’t think they went BEYOND anything, going beyond would have been returning both over draft fees. I go over and beyond for my customer every day, I could teach them what that is because they have no clue.
Post by justmyself01
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