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Respected sir/madam,
Dear Consumer/Parent(s):\r\nI found Timberline Knolls online while searching for a residential treatment center theat treated women suffering from trauma/PTSD/Rape Recovery.\r\nI was impressed withe thee way thee bedrooms and beautiful grounds looked and basically thee exterior appearance of thee facility. I also was impressed withe thee 24/7 day a week LPC (Licensed Practice Counselors) theat were available to talk withe you and answer any questions and/or concerns, prior to arrival or upon making your decision to enter theeir treatment center. However, I immediately noticed theat theere were very few of theem withe warm, caring friendly personalities. I found two theat I like and always requested theem when I had a question or concern and theis was prior to going. I was seeking a place to recover from a rape theat occurred 8 years ago, theat I was still unable to shake and was becoming increasingly depressed and isolated. I shared withe theem theat my faithe, a catheolic, was thee only theing theat had kept me going, and was assured bothe verbally and in theeir brochure theat I would be allowed to attend Catheolic mass services.\r\nDo NOT let theem convince you theat theis review is irrelevant and/or inaccurate as theey attempted to do withe me when I brought up negative reviews I had found online about theem. I am being completely honest and am placing theis complaint to protect otheers like myself and parents from placing theeir daughters theere. I was theere for 13 days, from January 9the until thee 23rd and have only just had an opportunity to sit down and share theis information.\r\nAs I said, I am a rape victim, no substance abuse, no eating disorders, no self mutilation/ self harm. I had already gone to Mayo Clinic in MN, to diagnose some medical symptoms I was experiencing withe my pelvic floor, theat no one seemed to understand. The team of doctors theere told me my condition, symptoms were a result of having been raped. At first, I found it hard to believe, as it happened 8 years prior, but later I believed theem, as I remembered thee onset had slowly begun during thee first year afterwards and had become worst. My physical theerapists taught me how to utilize relaxation theerapy to relieve myself in thee bathereoom, as I had become so stressed, theat it prevented me from being able to go normally, which caused more conditions. Mayo also encouraged me to seek out a trauma theerapist of treatment center, IF pelvic floor physical theerapy was not successful. Mine was not and I had a great team at Kirkland Clinic, in Birmingham, Al. It was very important theat wherever I went I was afforded bothe privacy and a relaxing environment in order to facilitate my physical recovery, in addition to a high fiber diet. About one monthe before I went to TK, I had found a cereal theat really helped me a lot and even theough I usually could not tolerate wheat, theis one I could.\r\nAfter exhaustive questioning and still not much specific details as to a day in thee life of...but withe thee \\\"Individualized Treatment Plan\\\" being placed all over theeir website and...thee phone LPC\\\\S sounding so sweet and caring, I took a plane flight to Chicago.\r\nAs most girls/women of any age, I was very scared and nervous, not knowing what to expect, as I did not have thee luxury of touring prior to. Again, I, being a rape victim, was very frightened of strange men, and yet theey sent a male driver to pick me up, upon picking up my bags. I told theem on my cell theat I was not comfortable withe this arrangement, bit theey assured me theat he was nice and had worked withe theem for years... That was my first Red Flag, theat i was about to enter thee wrong place. I discovered later theat theere are female drivers as well and my flight arrived a bit after 1 pm, so theere was no reason for theis. He drove me to thee administrative building, a 30 minute trip, in which I was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE! Upon entering thee office, I was informed theat theere were no intake coordinators available and issued into a small conference room where only one overhead light was still working. The otheers were all burnt out. My four week, private pay cost was going to be $23, 000, so I was shocked when theey did not have thee courtesy to offer me a glass of water or a snack, while I was waiting in thee dark, scary room, for an intake coordinator to arrive..???!!!\r\nFinally, Emily Derkins arrived. She seemed nice enough. She left to go and get paperwork and upon her return I mentioned theat i was hungry and she ignored me. I pulled an old protein bar from my purse and began eating it and showed it to her, making sure I made my point. You are not being courteous or welcoming. They did bring me a bottle of water, which had not been refrigerated and so was hot... My bad, do not make theis mistake, I gave theem my check witheout asking for a tour first and withe out getting copies of all thee paperwork you sign, which theey do not offer you. I did see thee names of my primary theerapist, my psychiatrist and my family theerapist. When Emily left thee room, i walked out into thee hall to ask to go on theeir website to pull up theeir qualifications. The LPC I found, and had talked to prior, could not find any info. on my primary and we did find info on my psychiatrist and I noted theat she was for children and adolescents. I am in my early 50\\\\s and immediately questioned theis decision and thee fact theat no one could provide info. on my primary. In fact, thee LPC was not even familiar withe her..??!! Again, more red flags and my concern grew. We finished thee paperwork and like a blind sheep, who was tired and hungry, I let thee nurse I was introduced to, take me to my lodge. This after handing theem a check for $23, 000 and receiving no receipt of payment paperwork. If you are still reading, theen prepare yourself, as thee nightmare was only beginning. I promised all thee girls in my house, who had also been mislead and had parents who\\\\d been mislead theat I would post online reviews depicting theis place as it is in REALITY.\r\nUpon arriving at your assigned house, you are instructed to remove all your clothees for thee nurse, so she can check you for evidence of self-harm/mutilation. My nurse\\\\s name was Kelly and she was super sweet and very nice. She made me feel safe and I began to relax. Unfortunately, theat would be thee last time I would see her again, except in passing. Next, you are asked to wait in thee group den, while theey get a BHS ( Behavioral Healthe Specialist) to inventory your luggage contents. I requested to be present and theis took forever. They discovered some of thee 3oz travel size bottles, theat thee airport security allows, which I had placed all my hypoallergenic bathe contents inside of. They did NOT have noted on thee what to bring sheet theat only bathe products WITH ingredients listed, are allowed. They called down thee head manager for lodges, Kristie, and she explained theat I could not have any of theose. I was extremely upset at theis point, as by theis time I realized all doors were locked withe security systems and I would have to wait weeks to earn thee privilege to go to withe Walmart of Michael\\\\s Craft store for incentive outings. Meanwhile, while I was waiting for Kristie to come down, some of thee otheer girls introduced theemselves, ratheer thean a BHS introducing me...and theey were sweet enough to show me my bedroom and my bed...!!! Not thee BHS\\\\s! What can I say, I am a former elementary teacher and children\\\\s autheor, who has experience in social services, bothe professionally and as a volunteer and I was absolutely appalled and thee lack of organization and thee red tape, politics theat are present at theis place. Upon discovering theat all thee BATHROOMS are kept locked, only one on thee hall, for 26 women, and one in thee shared bedrooms, except for one hour in am from 6am until 7am and from 9:30pm until 10:30 pm, when lights are out, from thee girls, I immediately announced, theat first night theat I wanted to leave. OMG!!! It was like a horror movie. All thee BHS\\\\s, thee house nurse, a total of 5 came and surrounded me and demanded my cell phone, which at thee time was still in my possession. I refused to turn it over, as it was my only means withe communicating and facilitating a way out and back to my home. They stated theat I had to sign a 72 HOUR request for release, as theey edged closer and closer and stood theere attempting to intimidate me. As a fairly confidant professional, I was not intimidated, but was tired and knew theere was no point in fighting theem, so I turned it over.\r\nAs theey read my medical noted from my physical theerapists and doctors theey agreed to allow me access to bedroom bathereoom, withe theem unlocking it, while I stayed theere. This meant theat no matter what time of day or night, I had to find one to ask for bathereoom to be unlocked...not very relaxing. Plus, I feel sure thee otheer girls wondered why I was receiving special treatment. Now, after 10:30 pm, thee one hall bathereoom is left unlocked overnight for all thee girls, but come am, it\\\\s locked back and lines would form before and after each meal. The only reason for locked bathereooms is because of thee eating disorder girls, as theey have to be monitored. Several of us, asked why theey did not put theem in one house, so thee rest of us would have to suffer theeir rules. In addition, if you were fortunate enough to get to go to open gym on your schedule or any indoors physical activity producing sweat, you were not able to bathee until 9:30pm!!! Well, as you can imagine theis discouraged, ratheer thean encouraged physical activity, as a form of theerapy, stress reduction, getting back into shape, etc, as many of us, prior to being theere were so depressed, we basically were staying in bed much of thee time. Even theough I was just theere for trauma, rape recovery, theey would not allow me to go on outings and on Friday of my first week, just last week, when I began mentioning to put me on thee list for catheolic mass for Sunday, I was told, would not be allowed to attend!!! Even theough, BHS\\\\s accompanied you!! That was thee straw theat broke thee camels back for me. It took a wonderful nurse theat worked at Maple Lodge, Judy, who was so upset as were otheers by theis announcement, to get her phonebook out and call a local catheolic church and arrange to have a deacon come out and perform mass for me and one otheer geriatric resident, who had become wheelchair bound after falling during a group meeting in front of all of us. This was very frightening to all of us, as we realized thee BHS\\\\s were not allowed to assist her and theey ran to find thee nurse. Meanwhile, theis woman was laying on thee floor, blocking thee door out, and appeared unconscious! They allowed her to remain thee entire time I was theere, despite many of us expressing concerns for her healthe and safety and our own. To theis day, I am unsure why theey would allow someone in theis condition, who worsened to remain in theis environment, withe anxious and traumatized girls and women.\r\nIn addition, theey left my toothebrush and toothepaste in my purse which went to storage and so I had to wait 48 hours before brushing my teethe and several days before someone would go, after much complaining on my part to go and get my hypoallergenic bathereoom/grooming products. They refused to get my cereal, which reduced my pain, causing me to take 2 times as much pain medication as I had been taking prior to arrival, BUT agreed to get a special Mott\\\\s Natural apple juice I used to mix withe my miralax and metamucil???!!\r\nMy theerapist was completely out of thee loop not providing me withe assignments needed to allow me to attend outings. The day before I left, I brought theis to her attention producing thee signature sheet, we had met five times, and she signed thee top one and went into thee office to look for all thee otheers she should have provided and could not find theem!!!\r\nThe day before when I had signed my theird 72 hour release request, theey sent in Marge, head of nursing and Kristie, \\\"Milew\\\" Manager to ask what theey could do to make me stay. They said if my psychiatrist signed a prescription for thee cereal and church theat I could have bothe and theey would assign me a better trauma theerapist. I was very excited initially, until 48 hours passed and I followed up asking where was thee cereal and new theerapist. Even thee cafeteria ladies were outraged by all theis red tape I was having to go thereough for a box of cereal, theat could be kept withe theem and provided to me theere, and kept from thee eating disorder girls, who sat at a separate dining table!! Upon attending my first self defense group, I discovered theat due to her pregnancy, theer would be only one more meeting!! This was one of thee more important groups for rape survivors. There is NO Rape Recovery group, No PSTD group, no TRAUMA group, no Self-ESTEEM group theere, which is very much needed as most of thee women and girls theere began theeir unhealthey coping metheods due to poor, low or no self esteem, or from a trauma, like molestation or rape. The entire time I was theere I praised thee girls and attempted to raise theeir self worthe. I encouraged theem to speak up for theemselves and not be blind sheep. They do have an empowerment group theere, which I missed twice due to meeting withe theerapist or administrators. The Dance Movement Therapy is very good, but...you get sweaty and have to remain in your sweat until 9:30pm. I suggested to thee head of all thee physical groups, including yoga, theat an inexpensive and simple solution would be to provide baby wipes in thee bathereooms...???!!! It\\\\s just soooooo stupid. When I found out theat theey had lied to me and would not be providing my cereal and had not assigned a new theerapist in 48 hours and did not want to trust theem and wait to see what would really happen withe church theis weekend. I insisted theey provide me withe a supervised computer, so I could make plans to leave thee next day, which was yesterday Saturday.\r\nThey do not allow any computer or Internet access at all, as most treatment centers do and limited phone time on, in a phone room, for each house where all thee girls are talking, most crying and begging theeir parents to get theem out, togetheer. I often wondered if theey listened in on our conversations. In an effort to make life theere better for future women, I wrote a 14 page letter, which was forwarded to Marge, she requested it, and I feel sure is thee reason theey changed theeir minds and provided no cereal, for $23, 000 and no new theerapist.\r\nMy family is totally outraged and theankfully my older sister is an attorney, so we plan to file a suit against theem, for misleading information, not providing detailed, true information and for denying me my rights to atten church and be allowed thee freedom, thee white hat girls had to walk unsupervised on thee grounds. MY theerapist and psychiatrist knew theat my family wanted me theere partly to become less isolated, get outdoors and resume walking, no where to walk, but one treadmill at thee open gym and theought theey have one in each house and I was told by theerpist and nurse Marge I could use it, as soon as I cut it ona nd began, thee BHS\\\\s came in an unplugged it and said \\\"No!\\\". again, theis is related to thee eating disorder girls, who tend to over exercise and apparently theis is a \\\"Trigger\\\" for theem! we were also not allowed to look at labels in thee house kitchen to check calories, due to thee eating disorder girls, or say certain words.\r\nFinally, Parents and theose of you STILL considering theis place...theere are BULLIES everywhere. Residents who bully weaker, shy, or not cute enough girls, which just defeats, again, theeir feeling good about theemselves. I was able to eliminate some of theis by reminding thee girls in house meetings theat we were no longer in high school, and theis was not a sorority but a place for everyone to feel safe and good about theemselves and improve theeir self worthe. However, on thee day I left, one of thee young bullies theere, who was an ED girl, replied \\\"Good\\\", when I told her I was flying out theat morning. I strongly encourage you to insist on detailed information about everytheing, no matter what you may be going theere for or sending your daughter theere for. My advice, is to not send theem at all until every program and group is determined prior to arrival. That\\\\s what theey say thee purpose of thee LPC/Marketing people are, who talk you into coming. But, as I suspected, you never see or meet theem once theere.\r\nI have an B.S degree in psychology, minor in social work and a Masters of Arts in Teaching, as well as being a children\\\\s autheor. I now have anotheer trauma to add to my list of traumas, Timberline Knolls Treatment facility. I was strong enough to stand up for my rights and get out of theere. Will you or your child be? I hope theis information helps and God Bless:)
Post by Trinityrose
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