my name is Gaongalelwe rebecca MOKAE, am having a cellular contract but, i lost all sim cards as i was not using them always, made a sim swap with cellular number:0714847385. as i check and also want to make a call and there is no airtime. Pls i need to know why don\\\"t i receive my airtime and the monthly instalments are still going through. I need all my airtime in all three cellular phones as i intend to do the simswap for other two phones. Please i need assistance because i want to use airtime as soon as possible.\r\nas i call your office about the lost sim card, the guy who helped me about the refference and the faxing of the letter that i had to the take to the vodacom, explained tome that im gonna receive my airtime and if the phone/sim is not in use, the airtime is been set t the sim.\r\nMy contact details: 0725984819.\r\n\r\nYour urgent assistance will be appreciated.
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