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Respected sir/madam,
I have had nothing but problems using Informed Mail to get my medication. I have repeatedly had to call my wonderful doctor and tell her to call them and sort out whatever their issue of the day is. On one occasion it took me over a month to finally get them to send my prescription. This was last July/August. I had been calling them since around July 20th telling them to send my medication. Every single person I spoke to (four people) said that it was \\\"processing\\\". I\\\\m glad I kept calling to confirm because a month later (when I had run out of medication) it was STILL processing, even though they had my valid prescription. Their problem? I needed to call and verify my address. I did this at four times. But they apparently never bothered to actually write it down. They\\\\ve also never bothered to add my cell phone number, though every time I tell them it\\\\s easier to reach me that way than the land line. But no, they forever call the land line, and each time I\\\\ve given them my cell number they say it\\\\s the first time they\\\\re getting it. They sent a prescription to my local pharmacy so I wouldn\\\\t go without my medication, but made me pay the copay. When I told them I expected them to cover the copay, they told me they wouldn\\\\t because they had been calling me for several weeks to remind me to fill my prescription. When I told them I had been calling for over a month, I was accused of lying because it wasn\\\\t in their notes, until of course they actually checked the call records, then they had to admit they were wrong. No apology or anything, just \\\"Oh, okay.\\\" Now, the next time I need a refill, they are telling me I don\\\\t have any refills left I can clearly read on their website that I should have two left. My doctor has also confirmed this. And what do they tell me? That I have to call my doctor and have them send the prescription again. They have my doctor\\\\s information, isn\\\\t it their job to take care of this? It\\\\s only a small inconvenience to me, but on principle I feel bad having to always be calling my doctor because this ridiculous company can\\\\t get their act together and actually provide a decent service.
Post by mari732
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