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Complaint Rating: 67 % with 6 votes I had switched from other mobile service to Airtel (Mobile # 9876045453) with view that Airtel is doing well in other states and it will be doing good in Punjab as well but it will not be incongruous to mention that it is the worst among all. Please find enclosed the below mentioned facts proving the above mentioned fact. 1. I have got a connection, which is not accessible from landline phone from my native place (Ahmedgarh STD code 01675) so my parents, friends etc. are unable to reach me. (Utter failure in providing basic service). 2. SMS service (both local as well as National) is not working. I am unable to receive SMS from any service provider including Airtel (only received messages from Airtel customer care like activation of service etc.) but able to send SMS to Airtel number only. 3. All the outgoing SMS have been charged though it is not delivered. I was told by customer care that all undelivered SMS would not be chargeable. 4. Requested for GPRS connection under corporate plan on 18th Feb'05 and was not activated till 24th Feb'05 and on 23rd Feb'05 I was informed by Airtel customer care that I can't get GPRS connection under corporate plan committed by Airtel and on 24th Feb'05 I received SMS that GPRS connection under corporate plan has been activated. I have lost so much due to all this, which I cannot explain in this letter. 5. In my bill for this connection, I have been charged for GPRS connection as per normal plan i.e. Rs 600/- per month although I have received SMS that my plan charges are Rs. 99/- per month for first six months, Rs. 300/- for next three months and Rs. 600/- onwards. I had also confirmed my bill plan for GPRS connection after receiving SMS from AIRTEL and I was confirmed that it is same as mentioned in SMS. 6. My request for activation for roaming has been taken while stating that there is no roaming rental under this category (Corporate Self Paid plan) and during confirmation call for activation of roaming I was informed other way round. 7. Registered on for e-billing and prompted a message that password had been sent by SMS on the mobile number but couldn't receive the password due to issue mentioned in point 2. 8. I had been informed that GPRS connection can be activated by sending SMS request 'GPRSCORP' at 700 (toll free number) which is free of charge. On the contrary I have been charged for this SMS as well. I got different answer for same query from different representatives in Airtel customer service (121 service) and it indicates that Airtel doesn't have any process in place to look after their customers and only untrained people are handling customers and tell whatever comes in their mind. I was applaud to listen the suggestion from one of the executives attending my call that 'Get the roaming activated and I will come to know whether there is any rental or not' in my next bill. So experimentation on its customer is part of Airtel customer service process. It hurts when one has to pay for services for which he is deprived of. Under such circumstances, I would prefer to discontinue with the service if Airtel is unable to provide tolerable level of service being a service industry. Moreover Airtel customer care is hesitant to write customer complaint and providing the complaint number. On insisting to provide complaint number I was told that it is a general complaint fro other customers as well so we can write a complaint in this regard and it will be resolved within 24 hours. I will appreciate the consistency maintained by Airtel customer care executives attending the call while answering any problems with the pet answer. NEW SERIES PROBLEM, WILL BE RESOLVED IN 24 HOURS. This 24 hour commitment is never fulfilled practically and I don't understand why do Airtel representative feel shame in telling the truth while attending customer call. Did customer do any crime that he should be victimized for this new series problem? My brother is holding AIRTEL connection in Delhi region and he appreciates about the service level there so it is strange why same company is unable to maintain the standards in Punjab. There is more to mention but I think it is sufficient to convey message to management about the service level of AIRTEL in Punjab region. In Nutshell, I feel like that I have done blunder by switching to Airtel and don't hesitate to commit for services while issuing selling new connection which they are unable to provide at all in committed time frame and force customer to chase them. At the same time Airtel makes sure that customer is charged for above mentioned services. Regards, Vishav Bandhu Singla Mobile: - +91 9357327472
Post by Vishav Bandhu Singla
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