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Respected sir/madam,
Don\\\\t be fooled by the gorgeous online photos and slick sales pitch of Timberline Knolls. They work very hard to present their false image. Rarely did I find what they told me to be accurate. I was told specifically what I could and couldn\\\\t bring but when I showed up on lodge from admission I was told many of my belongings were contraband and had to be stored. Good luck with that! I heard countless stories of items being lost and sure enough, my belongings were also lost. And then it\\\\s too bad, so sad for you as you won\\\\t be reimbursed. The administrators are very kind - ass-kissingly nice but only if you have money and or are a celebrity (talk about preferential treatment!) Some staff are ok but they are worked like dogs and treated like crap from arrogant supervisors, so I but understand their attitudes. TK attempt to maintain their creepy \\\"TK\\\" cult-like atmosphere, using their TK-specific lingo. Many residents, myself included, find themselves unceremoniously dumped after insurance cuts out. They\\\\ve got every penny insurance will pay and then the attempt to squeeze the person\\\\s family to pay out of pocket until you find yourself sitting at home 10\\\\s of thousands in debt with little to show for it. As I observed, many women spend their entire stay cat-fighting, many times over situations caused by TK and not on the issues that brought them to treatment. Such a waste. Oh you don\\\\t have an eating disorder, you say? Yes you do! You will be told that your eating is \\\"disordered\\\" and will be made to follow these bizarre rituals at meal and snack times. That\\\\s their \\\"holistic\\\" approach. The pretty photos of yoga, art therapy and equine therapy? Sure. After many weeks of being on a waiting list your therapist has to put you on. Immersion in DBT? Nope. Another misleading aspect of TK. if giving you a xeroxed diary card for DBT without much explanation is immersion in DBT then I should be able to be an instructor! Speaking of DBT the main therapist or whatever she is in charge of that is so emotionless and condescending it\\\\s unbearable. From what I\\\\ve seen the staff are terrified of her. Main administrator Tom is a snarky, smarmy jerk. And I heard their supposedly wonderful psychiatrists there talk so poorly about the residents when they thought no one could hear...very upsetting. My advice? Skip TK, save your money and find a great outpatient therapist you see several times a week instead.
Post by DaisyMae1975
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