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Respected sir/madam,
February 1, 2012\r\nThis is the day you DISRESPECTD my Family for the last time.\r\nLet\\\\s go back to 1983...\r\nI warned you to stay away from me. You did\\\\nt listen then, but now YOU will have NO choice but to listen to me.\r\nFor every action, there is a reaction, and this is mine:\r\nI want to throw-up at the thought of YOU.\r\nThinking you could hide on the internet just shows how completely Retarded YOU are.\r\nThe moment you typed his and my names, you crossed the line. AGAIN!!!\r\nThe fact that you would include MY CHILD is Punishable. BY ME.\r\nEveryone will know WHAT YOU ARE.\r\nYou have tried to act normal, but you know your\\\\e a FREAK OFF A LEASH.\r\nYou ruined your Family, and now your\\\\e trying to ruin Mine.\r\nNone of us will ever forgive you.\r\nYOU have no respect for Yourself, and you never learned how to Respect others.\r\nJust give into those voices in your head, but remember, when you act out, YOU WILL PAY.\r\nNOT ONE PERSON CAN HELP YOU NOW.\r\nDon\\\\t ever try to contact my Family, or any remaining Family members, Again!!\r\nNO ONE WILL PROTECT YOU NOW, BITCH.\r\nIT\\\\S YOU AND ME 1 ON 1. AND YOU\\\\RE GOING DOWN, TODAY.\r\n\r\nMitch:\r\nYou may want to rethink your choice.\r\nThere are alot of US GODLYWOMEN out there, and I hope you see your wife for the DIRTY BITCH she is.\r\nI know this is painful, I have been humiliated by her and her family for YEARS.\r\nShe made the choice on Feb. 1, 2012, to start shit, and juge people.\r\nNow you are linked to her, by name.\r\nIf you knew her as of this date, then YOU HAVE BEEN DISRESPECTED ALSO.\r\nShe dose\\\\nt care who she hurts. Children, husbands, family members, it\\\\s a pattern of ABUSE.\r\nI understand you need to decide for yourself, but as you can see, she is crazy to bring up the crime she committed in 1983, as a CHILD PREDATOR.\r\nI thought I was done with the bitch, apparently she can not get it into her head, HE WAS A CHILD, THE BITCH WAS A OLDER FAMILY MEMBER, MARRIED WITH 3!!! children under the age of 10. THE definination of a CHILD PREDATOR.\r\nNow, she will wish everyday, she had\\\\nt did what she did, when she did what she did, TO ME.\r\nShe did\\\\nt think she\\\\d be found out, but she was wrong. AGAIN!\r\n2 TIMES, SHE OUT!\r\nHER FAMILY DOEN\\\\T NEED HER TO PRAY FOR THEM.\r\nTHEY NEED PEACE.
Post by Sammy Davy
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