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Respected sir/madam,
I\\\\m an independent contractor working on odesk & Charities of Hope put a job on odesk wanting someone to type up a manuscript.I applied on a Tuesday & Siobhan Becker responded to my application.We messaged back & forth & I wasn\\\\t quite sure if she was another independent contractor who was farming out this work or what, as her English wasn\\\\t clear at times.I said I wanted to see the writing, as they said it was hard to read. I wanted to know if I could do the work.She faxed me a PDF sample. I told them I could do the work no problem, there might be a few words here or there that need clarification.I told her I would start off with one hour & see how many pages I could get done in that amount of time. I asked her to fax me more pages, as I knew I would get through more than 2 in an hour.She said okay, faxed them & I thought she was going to award me the job, but I never heard back from her.\r\nThe issue was they had a deadline of Friday & I was busy on Wednesday & told them this. I had wanted to get started on Tuesday so the work would be done by their deadline. Obviously any changes would have to be done on Thursday.I had to direct Siobhan to award me the job. I was again, not clear if she knew what she was doing on odesk or she was trying to go outside the terms & conditions by not going through odesk, but suddenly at 10:30 pm she awarded me the job.I go to start work & the job isn\\\\t showing up in my timer, so I had to spend time talking to odesk to find out what was going on. Turns out Siobhan had made it so the job didn\\\\t start until the 6th which would have been on Wednesday. I couldn\\\\t do any work for another 6 hours. Odesk told me to tell her to correct the problem, so I did. This entire time I\\\\m waiting around for Siobhan. I told Siobhan that it was getting late & I wanted to start the work.Siobhan writes me back forwarding me the notice she got saying that I had been awarded. It stated right there that it doesn\\\\t start until the 6th. I said, \\\"she is wrong.\\\" I was mistaken thinking that Siobhan had contacted odesk & this was their response. Siobhan then disappeared. After waiting another 2 hours for her I finally gave up & called it a night.Wednesday when I got back from my errands, Siobhan had cancelled the job without a word, apology, explanation, nothing.\r\nI have no problem with a company not hiring me as it\\\\s their choice. I don\\\\t even have a problem being interviewed as that\\\\s my responsibility to give it my all.What I have a problem with are rude people & my time being wasted. I paid for those faxes to come through. I lost about 3 hours of my time waiting around for Siobhan to fix the mistake, talking with odesk, & her making me wait for her earlier in the afternoon. Had I gotten the job, no problem, I would have eaten the time, but these games aren\\\\t professional or respectful of others. This is NOT how you treat people.
Post by MichelleAssists
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