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Respected sir/madam,
I worked for Jay, the main crook. The leader of the other crooks. They are in fact travelers and will swindle every red penny they can manipulate out of you. The leader teaches prospects how to be crafty and talk like a snake. He reminds me of a carny at a fair, a fast talker who will try to attack any weakness he can find on you. They let the steaks go for $100 to employees and the rip off begins. If Jay feels he cant control his prospects he will cut the head off the snake. The meat is thawed, refrozen, wet, refrozen. They put dry ice in the trucks and still sell the meat. I finally cooked the freshest cuts I could find and resigned the next day. They are ripping people off without a second thought and they have no remorse. If you see an Iowa Steak truck call the authorities. Do us all a favor. Shame on you Jay. Jay came from US Beef and half of the crooks that serve him did too, I also did. He is not going to be able to take any calls due to the fact he is drunk or high. The truth hurts.
Post by Jkalm324
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