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You feel shy or shame to SPIT in your bed OR
Respected sir/madam,
I was to share the bad habit for those who adopt not matter belongs to what age, matured what is secret to spit on road, street, destroy city and other park beauty due to mad people spit which occur due to lack of education, un-civilized and no authority can make all spittoon punished and fine.\r\n\r\nAs I understand that one having PAN or Gukta THAN why spit on road or streets, destroy other office walls or destroy the beauty of parks. Have you ever seen any ANIMAL spitting yet?\r\n\r\nWhen we Pakistani go aborad no one dare or courage to do such rubbish due to strong law and all their country people want to keep own country NEAT & Clean that time if they having Pan or Gukta than why not spit on road, street, other walls or parks, fear to face fine if spit.\r\n\r\nSorry to say Pakistani Muslims are oral Muslims want to reach heaven without any scarifies or performance, which is not a Muslims culture who verbal claims but never proof.\r\n\r\nI request to Governor of Sind & Chief Minister of Sind that they have never seen spitting stain than what their feelings, they become shameful for this mad or un-educated people act or ignore the spitting habit or do not shown any interest how to improve and control, by educating the totally un-educated people.\r\n\r\nIf you worry to keep neat & clean own house or office than why not keep same spirit or habit to keep neat and clean own country, Does Islam do not give message what is importance of neat & clean than why being Muslims you work against to proof you are BLIND or DEAF or Dump.\r\n\r\nThanking You\r\n\r\n\r\nYours faithfully\r\n\r\n\r\nAshfaq Sharif
Post by ashfaq sharif
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