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Respected sir/madam,
I Tried This Company on Good Faith That I Could And Would Make Some Cash.These Guys Are Using Brain Washing Technique\\\\s.I Know Because I Myself Know And Understand These Technique\\\\s.It Absolutely True That It Cost You More to Be With Company Then What They Pay You in Return They Make You Go To a Mandatory 6 Am Webnar Feeding Your Mind With a Whole Bunch Of Bullshit You Get From An Audio CD By Bryan Tracy The Art of Closing a Sale.If They Can Find Some Way to Not Pay You ,They LL Do Just That!It is Very Upsetting And Misleading.I Invested Over $2,500 For This Dumbass Job,to Get a Whopping Total of $300 Bucks After Appointment Deductions And Hold Back Commissions Before I Finally Resigned.I\\\\M Telling You People Do Not Work This is Agency.Do not Go Down The Same Road to Nowhere I Took. Its Sad But Its The Truth.Seriously These Guys Are in a Dallas Downtown Skyscraper Over Looking The Whole City, Screwing All The People Who Are Working For Them.The People Making Good Reviews on This Site Are The Owners Who Work For The Company.Its All About Perception.They Mislead And Misinterpret Reality So They Can Work You Like a Dog Then Come Up With a Reason Not to Pay You. What They Will Do is Take You Off Appointments And Send You With a Trainer.They Will Promise You a Based Pay For So many Weeks But What They Will Not Say is They Are Not Going to Pay You Because You Did Not Have Appointments 4 Days Out Of The Week.And If You Do Not \r\nBelieve Me Go Work For Them And Find Out Yourself. Another Thing About These Guys is in Their Corporate Building They Have Photos up on The Wall of All The Hot Spots That Work in Corporate Office.In These Pictures Are 5 New bad Ass Rides With The 5 Main Dudes Who Work There .The Rides Are 2011 BMW 24,2011 Range Rover Supercharged,2010 Lexus Gs 350,2009 Hummer H2,And 2010 BMW X5 Wow!!! It\\\\s Unbelievable !!! They Talk About a Call Center Which is a Bunch of Bullshit.They Have Like 6 to 8 Good Looking Women Poking Butt Playing Games on The Computer.That is Your Call Center That They Say Works Or Performs At a Loss.The Selling Punch Line is The People Who Make Your Appointments Do Not Get Paid Unless You male a Sale!!They Only Make Money If You Make Money If You Make Money!!! Lol They Say They Have Made Such a Big Investment on You Because They Have to Spend $10,000 Dollars to Markets in Your Area.That They Advertise Through TV And Radio Ads!! LOL They Funny Sad Thing is They Do No Marketing And Send You to The Middle of No Where And It is Not a Guarantee These People Will Be Home.So You Drove Two Hours to Knock on a Door Where No One is At Home !! Its Out of Control And They Need to Stop!! The Time And Effort to Convince And Sell With Very Little Reward It Troublesome.You Mess With Fire And You\\\\re Going to Get Burned!! Don\\\\t Do It!! Please Don\\\\t Go What I Went Through!!
Post by David Robert Richards
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Posted: 15 Nov , 2012 by Thomas Powell  
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