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I have yet to see them help anybody
Respected sir/madam,
With a new Hurricane that might hit fla...You will see insurance company\\\\s want to leave the state...They hate to give out money..And another thing i was giving to red Cross for years and during the last set of storms that left us with out power for 2 weeks I only saw one red cross truck at the mall passing out food because no stores were open due to no power..Well they ran out of food in 20 min and never saw another Red Cross truck again...What do they do with all of there money they sure don\\\\t help like they say...I stopped giving to them after I got nothing at the mall and there were so many hungry people..And this was due because the weather people said the Hurricane would miss us...So nobody was ready..And forget the goverment ever helping they go on TV with there shirts rolled up acting like there are doing something but they don\\\\t do a thing to help out the people...It\\\\s every man for himself...The Hurricanes do one good thing they make people leave and not come back...You go threw one of these things and it is hell...
Post by Howrider
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