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KESC proof shameless & careless, conduct load
Respected sir/madam,
I must convey my message to careless and shameless KESC CEO and higher management what reasons they doing load shedding in majority of area including SOLDIER BAZAR No.2, Karachi which begin yesterday 12 NOON and life cum hope come back when KESC restore electricity at 8.30 PM ( image how terrible time people have to spend till noon to night ) but less than half hour electricity remain and again KESC proudly conduct load shedding which begin from 8.30 Pm and till 8.30 AM power not come back.\r\n\r\nWhat a hell or sick organization is KESC, what problem to remove the fault and why take un-necessary delay to repair the fault which give message that your fault workers are NAWAB and not capable for this job than get rid of all those black sheep, careless staff which become the liability of KESC and causing problem and pain for consumers.\r\n\r\nMore interesting even try to contact KESC complain centre phone No. 99215214 but remain engaged, I request to PTCL and PTA to get information from your side since evening 5 PM Yesterday to morning today how many complain calls KESC received, what reasons it continuous engaged the separate report send to KESC CEO and management.\r\n\r\nI give free of cost advice to KESC CEO and management what problem to maintain a log book and ask those who receiving call enter the complaint name, area – location and what time complain received ( such healthy practice KESC never follow ) the reasons they believe how to give more and more problem, tension and worries to honest consumers and never feel responsible to timely attend the complain and save consumers.\r\n\r\nI pray to God send Hell ( which all those who responsible deserve ) for 1 days load shedding in Soldier Bazaar No.2 and more interesting when first time electricity restore than our neighbor building got electricity but our building ZAINABIA HOUSE & ZAINABIA BUILDING and MANY OTHER deprive from electricity, what secret to keep continue load shedding to us and partial got electricity which reflect total double standard of KESC and its careless management.\r\n\r\nEver realized how entire 1 day\\s people force to stay without electricy, specially women, children and those who patients feel very difficult but remain helpless but I am sure all of them remembered KESC very special words and pledge to continue same pray in after namaz so they reach the place for which they are preparing and deserve too.\r\n\r\nI must asked KESC head of department you are so innocent and do not knew what reasons entire 1 days no electricity if such thing happen to you than you will do not complain or not raise voice. Listen KESC services is worst service which consumers are facing and no one is happy or satisfied ( if any doubt than make a live survey with you ), stop step mother and second grade relation with us, we are also human beings and do not consider us ANIMAL.\r\n\r\nWhat action taken against those whose negligence and careless we all suffer CEO or higher management plan to give higher post with increase in salary or sacked them all so in future no one dare to do this careless, Proof that you are Muslim and still have ability to make justice with your consumers.\r\n\r\n\r\nThanking You\r\n\r\n\r\nYours faithfully\r\n\r\n\r\nAshfaq Sharif
Post by Ashfaq Sharif
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