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Respected sir/madam,
I read these complaints now for months following what Ocwen has set out to do with is destroy the American family\\s dream and take Homes away from us with evil lie\\s and scams they have going with paper work being sent to India as to be able to hide any questioning that comes up through the higher end Attorney general to attorneys making it a long paper trail so the goverment can not trace there deceiving the public and scamming us out of our homes. I will say this its been 7 months of hell trying to get my modification with these India Idiots. Its to the point were I have them figured out. You see they will have you work with a Relationship Manager so they say this one will be assigned to your case and review and help you. HAHA, they go in circles telling you to send this and that. Then they never receive it send it again. I did priority Mail and Emailed everytime, they still never get it. Awh never got it still bullshit so I called a Making home Affordable rep. which there should be one in your state ours in Mo is Beyond Housing. I got her involved because I was getting no where with these idiots fast. Then I did write a complaint to my Attorney General in My state. They are now involved and sending letters to them wanting answers fron them also. Well now that I have both to help back me up they now have switched me to another India Rep. you see they needed to move that paper work around. Now this guy wants 50 more things sent and I am telling you I have sent everything 5 times and they could not need anything else but my blood. But as I speak to them every single week now for 7 months they always find something to keep stalling the process by wanting stupid shit. They even wanted my sons credit . I said no way he is not on the loan, its illegal and a privacy act. Not getting it. He lives with me and I had said he helped me by giving me 200-300 a month. Still none of there business when he is not on the loan. Now they would not even do a three party call with the lady I am working with at Making home Affordable, they said no. I called her and told her that she was mad. She put them on code RED alert. Which means she now goes through a loop hole to get the paper work there and she speaks to an American . Guess what they now seem to receive all my paper work. Do not no if this is going to help me ever get this modification or not. I no I can not pay this high house payment much longer this damn arm is set to go up every 6 months 1 point every time it goes up and already at a 9.625% rate next 10.625 in Dec. So I am very close to fore-closer as the house payment is way to high for this house. I hope this works. I really think all of you going through the modification need not waste time start right away with the Attorney General in your state when they start screwing with you next get someone else involved to sent the paper work. Go to Making home Affordable web site and find a legal free help to get this rolling . DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN IT WILL NOT WORK. They will run you crazy till you give up. Hang tuff do not let them get you down, make your house pmt. Do not let them tell you do not have to make them they are lieing they will take your house in 3 months if you do this. Hope this helped I will make sure I keep updated information to try and help others going through this rip off scam company. We must all stick together. <3 GOOD LUCK BE STRONG
Post by P.Morris
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