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Respected sir/madam,
I am a regular online buyer for the past 5 years and has been actively purchasing and shipping items from Amazon US and eBay US. I have been a loyal vpost customer using their forwarding service to have my items shipped from their US address to Singapore for the past years. There are some hiccups here and there from time to time and I tried to bear with them until this recent transaction which is deemed intolerable.

I purchased a used old toy from a eBay seller at S$70 and the item was shipped to my vpost US address. I was shocked to find out that vpost quoted me a total of S$184.84 to ship the item to Singapore! It has an actual weight of 3.6kg and but a volumetric weight of 18.4kg, as the eBay merchant has shipped it with an oversized box. I tried to request for repacking service and they take a few days to get back to me to inform me that they could not repack as they "do not have customised boxes to repack packages" in their own exact words. I then tried to ask them the cost of shipping the item back to the seller at the state of Colorado. They quoted me S$71.95 when my eBay merchant only charged me at S$32! I also ask vpost to quote me if I were to forward the item to my comgateway US address which is also in Oregon as vpost US address. They quoted me S$57.82 when interstate shipment from Colorado to Oregon is only S$32! I felt I\m at the mercy of vpost, whatever they quoted me I would have to comply to. I tried my last request to see if vpost can give me a small discount on the item so I will be able to cut down the shipping cost by a little bit and save the hassle of shipping the item back and forth. They simply replied "this request was not granted". I was so frustrated and being forced to pay the full shipment charge which cost almost 3 times the value of the item. It will definitely be the last time that I\m engaging vpost on shipping my items for the following reasons:

1. unwillingness to try their best to repack item as they "do not have customised boxes to repack packages"
2. unreasonable shipping charge upon request to have the item send back to sender. My sender only paid S$32 to ship from Colorado State to vpost at Oregon State and vpost is quoting me S$71.95 to have the item sent back to the sender which is more than 2 times what my sender paid!
3. unreasonable shipping charge upon request to have the item forwarded to another US address which is located within the same state of Oregon. As mentioned, sender only paid S$32 to have the item send from Colorado State to Oregon State, and vpost is quoting me S$57.82 to have the item forwarded to another address within the same state which is almost 2 times of what my sender paid for interstate shipment!
4. unwillingness to offer any discount to empathize with customer and help customer who is a victim of oversized merchant packaging.
5. unwillingness to do offer anything to try to retain loyal customer like me regardless of my loyalty to have engaged their postal service regularly for the past 5 years!
6. slow and ineffective response time that cost customer precious time. It has taken me more than a week and the case is still not settled, let alone receiving the item.
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