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Respected sir/madam,
recently my mate and i took a ride on american airboat tours out of goodland, fl based on the fact they were close to marco is. they claim to go to the everglades they do not they go out in the bay we saw nothing, the only wildlife we saw were the two blokes driving the boat, one was about 18 stones and about 1 and 1/2 mt. high and the buggar walked with a cane, the other driver or helper smelled like a beer and kept smoking on a fag one after the other, when they did talk they made no sence at all and they ran the boat aground, we were stuck on a sand bar for two hours bugs were everwhere. all of this for 45 quid the other airboat cos. charge 25 quid.NEVER AGAIN
Post by uday
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Posted: 01 Feb , 2012 by B.roberts  
must be so took my samll children on this tour some time ago we did NOT ENJOY ourselves as we felt it to be unsafe and very boring
Posted: 16 Jun , 2012 by Jack James  
yes took my 3 children on this tour a few weeks ago, not a tour for children for many reasons,#1 we felt it to be unsafe,#2 the drivers of the boat are rude and CRUDE when speaking to the people on board,#3 why would any one in there right mind feed the animals they took dead fish on the boat to feed the racoons STUPID is not the word.
Posted: 28 Jul , 2012 by Captain Bb  
yes we all know that this tour company has management problems,and as long as the current mgr. is trying to run this tour company,it will always have problems and concerns look this tour company up online they have HUNDREDS of complaints..from over charging cc to unsafe operation to vulgar conduct and on and on for your on good STAY AWAY!
Posted: 22 Sep , 2012 by Norm Bulachish  
easy to tell when jerome brownless is telling a lie.......his lips will be moving.
Posted: 22 Jul , 2012 by Ronnie Allison  
yes yes yes we saw it for ourselves these red necks should know better but this is what you get with inbreeds.
Posted: 22 Jul , 2012 by Zack Bensoies  
we were on the boat when this occured,they have lied to the fwc oh well just stay away and tell one and all the truth this is why so many people want the airboat tours SHUT DOWN !
Posted: 27 Aug , 2012 by Alberto Hermenizes  
Posted: 03 Jul , 2012 by Barry Bartlett  
recently made the mistake of going on american airboat tours in goodland fl not fun to say the least,my children were very upset when the boat driver stopped and hand fed a racoon a dead fish he kept in a plastic bag on the boat....recoon carry rabies and he almost got inside the boat these people should know better.
Posted: 08 Aug , 2012 by Berinie Goldeerin  
we have all had more problems and complaints because of this rogue tour compnay,all due to stupid management and greed; as a tour company owner please know that all sw fl tour companies are not like american airboat tours and we do not adhere to there so called rules, we run fun safe and enjoyable tours for all family members young and old.thank you capt.Ed
Posted: 25 Oct , 2012 by Jackie Oskinski  
i have been on this so called tour it is a RIP OFF and when you complain no they do not give you a CHEEFUL REFUND...the marco island hotels will NOT send a guest to this tour company; and yes i know this for sure because i work for one of the largest hotel on marco island.
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