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Blackmail and Extortion
Respected sir/madam,
The Wizard of Oz
David Letterman had a 24 hour response time from time of reporting he was being blackmailed to time of arrest by the FBI.

USA has collapsed online the government cowaries under DoS attacks (automated throttling) while Webmaster’s steal their data, emblems and badges to reuse on their website to set up their individual Domain Name Countries.

Dorothy (US Citizen\s) enters the Land of Oz (internet) a fantasy realm under the rule of one Monarch (DOC). Dorothy (US Citizen\s) who is off to see the Wizard (Webmaster) on the yellow brick road (US Law) encounters the Scarecrow (DOJ) who if he only had a brain would know that offenders who steal, defame and slander pays the injured party (Reputation Repair) not vice versa.

Dorothy (US Citizen\s) continues her journey she meets the Tin Men (FBI) who can not move or respond at all, “if they only had a heart.” All together skipping along they meet the Cowardly Lion (Legislative Branch) who is enacting laws to send Dorothy (US Citizen\s) off to see the Wizard (Webmaster)...

18 USC 2261A - Stalking
Unlawfully using ones name and likeness online is the most persistent and consistent form of stalking it\s 24/7/365 global “harassment.”

18 USC 2319 - Criminal infringement of a copyright
17 USC 506 - Criminal offenses
“For purposes of commercial advantage (website) or private financial gain (money).”

Governmental Prima Facie Evidence of name and likeness copyright:
State Certified Birth Certificate, State Drivers License, US Passport and other government documents and records created to identify and validate name and likeness.

Bizarre logic and reasoning the documents are valid legal documents to show for proof of name and likeness, but become invalid to show proof of name and likeness for copyright or rights of publicity for the individual.

18 USC 873 – Blackmail
“As consideration for not informing receives money.”
Jamie Court from Suffern, New York and Doug Heller of Santa Monica, CA -

18 USC 875 - Interstate communications
Transmits (internet) communication interstate (internet) with the intent to injure reputation to extort.

Internet Spyware (I-SPY) Prevention Act of 2007
Intentionally obtains (steals/screen scraps), or transmits (internet) to another person information with the intent to defraud (unpublish/repair reputation).

18 USC § 880 - Receiving the proceeds of extortion
“A person who receives money”
Jamie Court from Suffern, New York and Doug Heller of Santa Monica, CA -

18 USC § 1962 - Prohibited activities (RICO)
“Collection of an unlawful debt”
Jamie Court from Suffern, New York and Doug Heller of Santa Monica, CA -

Department of Commerce & ICANN

Federal, State and Local US Government charges fees for Public Records. Webmaster\s DoS attack (automated throttling) and steal data from all levels of government to be used to extort US citizen\s. The US government adds new victims daily and refuses to stop the extortionist and refuses to allow citizen\s to buy their freedom from the US Government\s repression.


International Criminal Court

International Court Justice

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