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Respected sir/madam,
I refer to the following complaint that I filed with The Complaints Board in November 2009 (LATER REMOVED FROM THE COMPLAINTS BOARD SEE EMAIL BELOW) but was submitted by one mrs. scam checker to you, (see below). This report has Company information:Verona MichelUnited StatesDeepak Goyal (
see email below and BUYER BEWARE!!!
The Sinking Fund functions as follows for minimum 10 million USD from Lloyds Group.
We will provide you with USD 20M Loan, of which, USD 10M is allocated to your Project immediately, while the other USD 10M is placed on a ten (10) year term deposit with an International bank (Lloyds TSB).
During the ten (10) year term, the USD 10M deposit will grow - due to compounded Interest - to USD 20M, and will be used for full (100%) repayment of the USD 20M loan, hence the name, "Sinking Fund". This is guaranteed by the Bank (Lloyds TSB), you as a Client, are not responsible of the repayment of the USD 10MLoan.
You are required to cover an Interest at 5 % on the USD 20M loan and to place a deposit of USD 1 Million with the Escrow Agent referenced above.
Atlantic Notary will have their Account in Belize, with Provident Bank & Trust of Belize.
Lloyds Escrow will have their Account in USA, with (Wachovia)
Should above referred be of Interest, We would be able to provide you with our Official Funding Offer corresponding to above, after which, we would sign applicable Agreements; deposit being due upon signing said Agreements.
The Loan Funds are available for withdrawal within 30 banking days from signing of the Agreements.
As an Interest Guarantee, we require you to provide us with a Corporate Promissory Note (P/N).
Our total charges 5 % of the loan amount. Our executive will visit to your place and see the viability of the proposal. For due diligence you have to make the traveling arrangement while sinning the broker agreement .25% you have to pay underwriting cost due diligence cost.
Any queries are welcome in the matter.

now proven to be the wrong mauriti enterprises/deepak goyal as per the following communications that I have forwarded below.

Kindly REMOVE this report from your website to avoid any unnecessary legalities.

Verona Michael

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