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Kenmore Refridgerator. Extremely poor custome
I purchased a Kenmore refridgerator from the bottom listed store, in Feb of 2006. I have only had the appliance for less than 6 months. I went out of town for two days, and arrived back home on 7-6-06, to find that my refridgerator had caught on fire! I called the store where I purchased and was told that I would need to contact 1-800-473-7247 which I immediately done. I explained the situation to the lady on the other end of the phone, and also explained the the appliance was still under warranty, and that it needed to be replaced. I was told by the lady that she would have a service tech come to my home either on Friday or Saturday. I waited all day Friday and no one showed, I waited until 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and still no one showed. I called back the 1-800 number, and was told that they do not have service people working on Saturday, and that I had an appointment set up for Monday. This had now been 3 days since I discoverd that my appliance had caught on fire. Of course I had lost all of the food that was stored in it, because of the damage and the smoke that had filled up both sides. I was very angry. On Monday a service tech, called and told me that he was going to lunch, and that he would be at my home after that, he arrived at approximately 1:30 that afternoon, looked at the refridgerator, said yep, bad component, and proceeded to make the necessary calls. He could not reach his supervisor, so he called the store where I had purchased the appliance, and spoke with Phillip. Phillip told the service tech, that he would be talking to his supervisor and then give me a call. I waited until 4 pm, he had not called so I called him, he was at lunch. I asked how long he would be there and was told that he would be there until 6pm. I took the pictures of my burnt appliance and drove 25 miles to the store, and spoke with Phillip, and gave him the pictures of the appliance, and explained how upset that I was, that I had been without my refridgerator for now 5 days. He said that he would get with his supervisor first thing in the morning, and that I should have my refridgerator the same day. Well at 11:30 this morning Phillip called me and told me that his superivisor had not come in yet, and that as soon as he did, he would be getting everything lined up and he would call be back. At 3:00 he had not called me back so I called him again. I was told that it had been a crazy day, and that he had finally got with his supervisor, and they had to contact the District manager over service, and that he needed the return code from my receipt where I purchased the appliance. I was getting ready to ask when could I expect delivery and he hung up on me. I called back, and he was with a customer, he called me back a few minutes later and said that I should expect delivery tomorrow. I have been without my appliance now for seven days. I think that this is totally ridiculous. I can't even keep a gallon of milk if I wanted to and with four children in the house whom I have to take out to eat, and that can only happen in the evening, because I have to sit and wait for empty promises, I am more than a little angry. I will not purchase anything from Sears, not even a pair of shoes. This is extremely poor customer service, and it goes to show that no one really cares about the needs of anyone. Sincerely, Pamela Axton, VA 24054 Store details: Sears 325 Piedmont Dr. Danville, VA 24540
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