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no product and unauthorized charges
I was billed $3.95 for CD that I never received, then 10 days later was charged another $74. Never saw anything stating that the second charge would be made. I've tried calling and seem to get directo....Read Full Report
Post by Nitin Kamerkar
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unauthorized charges
They took out 74.95 out of my account that i did not authorized now i have a overdraft, i want the money back plus overdraft charges ;1814erobert jones....Read Full Report
Post by Sophia Davey
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Cancelled service but still being charges
I have cancelled this service numerour times, but am still getting charged.....Read Full Report
Post by Terrigal
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charges on card
I have an unarthorized charge on my debit card. I want it off immediately. I will be calling my lawyer in the morning.....Read Full Report
Post by Smith
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Unauthorized charges
They charged my account without asking said that it was going to be a free deal and that no more would come of it unless I went further . And I didnt!

Now you tell me what I can d....Read Full Report
Post by Jennifer Boerger
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