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I opened up an AT&T cell phone account in Jan 2010 with a so called broker. He calls his company Captain Ron & Associates.
He used my social security number to open this account&....Read Full Report
Post by daved59
United States Michigan,delaware
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business monopoly
i had at&t serving me 4 years.when i tried to get another provider, i choose vonage they gave a better price.vonage goes in my shop through the internet, when at&tlearnt i move....Read Full Report
Post by kudci
United States California,lowa
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new service
I placed and order for dsl service on 10-26-2010. They have been out here 3 times, different days, and have not got the service up yet. Now today, 11-14-2010, I....Read Full Report
Post by dmedlin
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not offering discount on bill
Even after several requests, the $5 discount has not been applied to monthly bill for last 6 months.
In March, 2010 ATT executive assured me of $5 discount on m....Read Full Report
Post by kaniska
United States Arkansas,Sunnyvale
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MISREPRESENTATION of prices on equipment for Directtv, telepnone, internet and monthly charges for a bundle package. Liars !!! DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. When you fi....Read Full Report
Post by ralphthesucker
United States Indiana,Indianapolis
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telephone bill
at&t reference acct.#85906590/ or 915-886-3520 271 0/ bill under steve garcia on 1149 spartan space b, in canutillo, tx 79835. Around the month of June 2010 I s....Read Full Report
Post by lkcjklzxjck
United States Texas,canutillo
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This is the most bogus crap i\\ve seen in my life. 1st off ive spent $150 on go-phone minutes in a MONTH and its only suppose to b $2 a day haha!!! and then ive bee....Read Full Report
Post by twizt3dmindz
United States District of Columbia,Troy
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phone repair and internet service
This is the second time in less than four weeks that my phone has been down. The first time, it was both the phone and internet, and it took three days before they were repaired. My ph....Read Full Report
Post by hathijee
United States Delaware,Cutler Bay
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poor service
The service has been down for 5 days for my landline no agents are helpful they post no updates they are ultra rude and you wait a minimum of 45 minutes to speak to one of the rude agents, the las....Read Full Report
Post by sfinemel
United States Colorado,Los Angeles
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DSL Promotion
In October I signed up for AT&T speed Direct Elite at $19.95/month with a $100 modem rebate. I was out of the country for the past two months so was not able to check on my reb....Read Full Report
Post by aldgator
United States Texas,Austin
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billing practices
A third party named Odyssey Streaming radio billed me through AT&T for services I never requested. When I called AT&T the customer service agent blamed my son who must be on Facebook and c....Read Full Report
Post by VDK
United States Alaska,Birmingham
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Horrible customer service
We signed up with AT&T for the promotional price of 19.95 a month for high speed internet service. Every month for the past five months we have been billed 42.95 instead of 19.95&#....Read Full Report
Post by Tickm
United States Indiana,Nashville
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Poor Service and technology
For 5 years weve consistently complained of poor service and quality of lines at our home. Countless trips by AT&T to fix the problem has NEVER been resolved. Countless times we have lost ....Read Full Report
Post by wtraver
United States California,Ceresco
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