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Served a raw whopper, filthy restaurant, terr
Should be awarded The Dirtiest Fast Food Restaurant on the East Coast.

Worst experience in a fast food restaurant ever! As a matter of fact it was so bad I will never step foot in....Read Full Report
Post by TravelingConsumer
United States Georgia,lowa
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My coworker and I went to Burger King on 7-12-2010 and both of us got very sick. I am out my second day of work because of it. We had hamburgers and this Burger King didnt even cook th....Read Full Report
Post by Hilleary
United States Texas,Plano
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Service and Cleanliness
My family came to eat at this Burger King in St. Louis on July 23rd. Weve never have had a problem with Burger King before but we did with this one.
We were in line getting ready to ....Read Full Report
Post by kclou
United States Arizona,Kingman
On 9/8/2010, between 11:30pm and 12am, I went through the drive through to get some sandwiches for me and a friend of mine. When I got to the menu, where you place your ord....Read Full Report
Post by catfishwikki105
United States Alabama,Birmingham
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Telling me HOW TO buy your food
On Sept 6th at 6:14pm I wanted to use your Coupon following taking the survey & calling the 1-866#. Your coupon states that Id get a free sandwich with the purchase of ANY size dri....Read Full Report
Post by Dave Dixon
United States New York,Schenectady
i would like to know policy on plastic gloves while preparing food for the public IS THIS A POLICY OR NOT I think that when preparing food for the public your staff should be wearing gloves when I ask....Read Full Report
Post by KIMBER-71
United States California,Austin
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Bad management
There is a manager at Burger King in East Ellijay, Georgia that is rude, rolls her eyes at customers, scolds subordinates in front of customers, and has an Im better than everyone atti....Read Full Report
Post by Nurith
United States California,texas
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You dont get it your way!
Stopped in to get a quick bite (10:20AM on 11-02-2010) and was told that I could not have a Buck Double because one time someone ordered 23 Buck doubles in the drive thru and it ba....Read Full Report
Post by topfuelr473
United States Illinois,Littleton
I purchased a hamburger from Burger king in Tupelo on West main. The order was $3.38. I gave the cashier $20.38. I acidentally drove off and left my change. I called im....Read Full Report
Post by Tim Mulligan
United States Arkansas,Tupelo
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Oreo Shake
What kind of company believes that an Oreo Shake is serving a vanilla shake with crushed Oreos and whip cream on top? Their service and quality keeps getting worse and this was the last straw.....Read Full Report
Post by justcauseinaz
United States Arkansas,Chandler
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Terrible Services
The services at all the Burger kings in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico is as i will put it SUCKS. I have been living here in Santa Fe for nearly 5yrs now and EVERYTIME I GO TO A BURGER KING, ....Read Full Report
Post by noah alvarez
United States District of Columbia,Santa Fe
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Very dirty, mouse in the restaurant
The restaurant is not clean. We were eating on the second floor. We saw a mouse, and when we told the cashier, she replied very calmly: Ok, and laughed. Just imagine you ....Read Full Report
Post by Ali dadgar
United States New York,Birmingham
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drug using
I was wondering if you drug test your managers at burger king restaurants I think you should more so in tampa, temple terrace florida some of your manager staff look like they just crowed out the ....Read Full Report
Post by 1959 kroll
United States Arkansas,Lansing/Kalamazoo
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