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Money Cards
I bought a Walmart Money Card late last night, putting a specific amount of money on the card to pay my cell phone bill which was due before midnight and my cell service would be shut off if not p....Read Full Report
Post by Renae101
United States Arkansas,Fort Smith
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Thrown from wheelchair out to ground

Manager at walmart got five employees to scream obscenitys at me after I had just got out of the
hospital emergency for a bad right knee - I stopped there for food and had to use a wh....Read Full Report
United States New Mexico,Albuquerque
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unfair termination
forced to take a leave of absent all because of a plea of no contest....Read Full Report
Post by sharpeye
United States Florida,Port Orange
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Not a complaint
I have been to the Walmart in Orange several times, and have always received excellent service. The cashiers have always been friendly, and fast. When I have asked for information abou....Read Full Report
Post by slynn1
United States California,Orange
August 2010, I was at walmart shopping in the mens clothing department, 3 empolyees were haveing a conversation.I didnt want to interupt so I continued to look the same four isles over and....Read Full Report
Post by rpjr
United States Delaware,Richmond
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Daughter injured
My 14 month old childs foot got stuck in the grocery cart at walmart. It took 3 manager people, three regular workers and a bolt cutter to get her out.
Shes okay now. Shes going ....Read Full Report
Post by AshleyAych
United States South Carolina,Anderson
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Poor Customer service
1-Customer service(Lack Of)-- I went to return a book that I bought and already had one at home. The customer service rep said that policy is that books can ONLY be returned wi....Read Full Report
Post by sklmitch
United States Utah,Springville
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I have never put words to paper regarding my Mothers untimely death but after 20 years and a month I thought it might be a good release...
Following my Mothers death in 1990, my ....Read Full Report
Post by visforvendetta
United States California,Memphis
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I went to thewalmart on Kelly and the woman sitting at the front door didnt say anything to me. This usually would be a problem but she deliberately look the other way like she was to good or mayb....Read Full Report
Post by Traysee
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Price Scamming
Prices at this Walmart are inconsistent. ON November 19, 2010, I saw a display of sugar advertised for 1.83 so even though I didnt need any, I figured that was a good price. Af....Read Full Report
Post by babyjnjen
United States Illinois,Wood River
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Price Scanning
Walmart Grocery Department used to be a good place to shop. Their prices were lower than other large chain stores and they carried a larger assortment of products, NOT NOW. Other than thei....Read Full Report
Post by ComplaintsNeeded
United States California,Lafayette
I brought 4 tire a while back from a Walmart in another town started having issues with them and took in to the Corinth, Ms. store to just buy new tires. The lady at the desk said let them....Read Full Report
Post by James Edward Johnson Jr.
United States Colorado,Corinth
Went to cash check at walmart, they shorted me money I couldnt get my money until the next day they had to count all their draws to make sure that they did in deed mess up. They shorted us a f....Read Full Report
Post by megzaw
United States Iowa,Lansing/Kalamazoo
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