Car Rental Complaints
EUROPCAR NORWAY 2 DAY RENTAL: QUOTE £150, ACTAUL $300+ !!! Bad customer service included ;)
Do NOT rent with Europcar Norway car rental.
I pick.... Read Full Report
Category Car Rental
Limited - Took
Retech Recycling Limited are scamming their customers and same story happened to me. I was going to purchase recycled aluminium from them and they asked for $2000 prepayment in order to show t.... Read Full Report
Iwan Darmawan, Illustrator, Owner is using fraudulent business practices in order to entice american authors into sending him money via moneygram by agreeing to provide illustrations for their.... Read Full Report
Received wrong product
I\ve purchased 4 300GB hard drives from Losgy Electronic and after about a month when I unpacked my order I discovered that they\ve actually sent me 4 160GB hard drives. I emailed them wit.... Read Full Report
groug - scam
HM Revenue & Customs

Corp Tax Office North London
Postal address: 1 HMRC Building.

London, England.

Dear Client (HM686848GPIN)&.... Read Full Report
Dear Board,
I was initially having credit card with ABN Amro then it was rebranded with RBS. Later with RBS i have paid all my dues and cancelled the card in May, 2010. Then in A.... Read Full Report
I placed an order for Motorolla tab and Lenovo smart phone thorough Carrefour web store UAE for within 48 Hours delivery commitment. The bank had already credited from my account also I got new st.... Read Full Report
S032, Overland Park, Ks
Booked a two night stay through Hotels One, prepaid, at Econolodge Inn in Overland Park, Kansas. At check in the manager swiped my debit card, which I thought was routine. The .... Read Full Report
28 - No
I placed order with and contacted company after 6 week delivery deadline and was told to expect an email soon for delivery conformation as well as the wait time for delivery was bum.... Read Full Report
Fraud consulting
FCS, PureSoft, ACE and Econosoft are four different entities and owned by Chuck Shaiker, Registered in NJ and their mailing address is San Jose, CA-95134., San Jose, CA.... Read Full Report
10/23/13 I went into my acct and notice an authorized withdraw for 89.00 come to find out it was issued from Money Plus Saver, I was already in the negative -4.95 because of th.... Read Full Report
If you are having problems with the Immigration and Naturalization Services of the US, let the Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry represent you in a court of law. Their professionalism shines thro.... Read Full Report
Delay in delivery
I ordered the product-order number: 931030143- on 26th of September from this self proclaimed number one online shopping portal. I received SMS and email stating that the product would.... Read Full Report
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