Dog Breeders Complaints
Dishonest Business
My family wanted a Sheepadoodle puppy that we could bring home in June. We scheduled vacations around this and looked for a breeder that could accommodate us. ACC Ranch promised that she had n.... Read Full Report
Category Dog Breeders
United States Colorado,Peyton
anything and they said i did
This company said I placed a bid for something and I didn\t and they charge my bank account $99. This was an accident because if I pick something it was in error. They said that they c.... Read Full Report
Adam stein is an INCOMPETENT and negligent dr who let my friend Kevin Deane bleed to death when he worked at mt sinai Hospital. Stein admitted him on a Friday and never bothered to check up on him.... Read Full Report
- No Delivery
I ordered my mother, who lives in another state, azalea\s for Mother\s Day on May 7, 2013, for delivery on May 10, 2013. Today, I called my mom and asked her if she.... Read Full Report
I just purchased the complete dvd boxed set of Growing Pains at For this complete set, I spent only $84.95. It was an awesome set complete with 20 dvds fe.... Read Full Report
Owner threw my table
I went to Classic Cleaners on Spring Cypress, across from Walmart, to return a table runner that they destroyed this morning. I have been going to this cleaners for 3 years and I\ve ne.... Read Full Report
Bad Breeders
Apex Pomskies does nothing but bash other people on their website. I am not sure they are dog breeders or sellers at all. None of us has ever seen a dog for sale only slander and hate links ab.... Read Full Report
This lady sold my husband and I a puppy. We took the puppy to a vet and he had an health issue. We tried to bring the pup back and she would not take it back. The vet said the dog had a he.... Read Full Report
Category Dog Breeders
United States Arizona,Chandler
Rip off
I paid $32.50 for a 4 oz bottle (that includes shipping and handling) so it was $29. For a teeny tiny bottle that didn\t work at all. It actually made me worse. I h.... Read Full Report
Our Founding CaninesNew Mexico Veteran certified Dog Trainer who provides service dogs to disabled veterans. The dogs are picked for the veterans based on Doctors and family situation to insure th.... Read Full Report
Sobers Kennel, owned/operated by Bitte Ahrens
SOBERS Kennel, owned/operated by Bitte Ahrens and Pierluigi Primavera Of Italy, guilty of fraudulent business practices, scammers, will not deliver, Will not refund deposits.... Read Full Report
Category Dog Breeders
We paid for ($1400.) and had a puppy shipped($450.) to us only to find out she has a heart murmur. She was supposed to be breedable. Our vet said it is genetic .... Read Full Report
She\s back! Heads up y\all! After Missoula Animal Control cleaned her out her kennel in 2011, Deanna Doyra is back in Frenchtown Montana milling clumber spaniel, english spring.... Read Full Report
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