DVD Order Rental Complaints
a knife to your throat
Well As of July. I owed bell just a little over $700 bucks. I was shocked on how much I owed. But I was on vacation with my parents.I don\t make lots of money as I am on Disabi.... Read Full Report
ShoppingCardStore.com notified me over the email about the lottery prize that I’ve won but in order to get that prize I was asked to enter my bank card details for ID verification purposes.... Read Full Report
CNN Report: "Racism in Columbia County Georgia" -The Columbia County School System is committed to NOT providing the best educators for our kids, wrongfully firing good teachers&#.... Read Full Report
- Charge on my debit card
They called my house and said I understand your interested in school. Told them I needed money for other bills. they told me the cost per month, I told them to cancel it and not to charge .... Read Full Report
great customer service
I\ve had a good experience transacting with sweetsecondlife.com when I purchased the complete dvd collection of Full House. I was so amazed when I got my complete set of Full House. I .... Read Full Report
Coupon not valid
I was duped into spending $30 on Restaurant.com (Specials) coupons. They told me I could purchase $100 worth of wine from OrderWineDirect.com.
The coupon was $.... Read Full Report
ut of our account.
I ordered what was said to be a set of DVDs from DVD Gator. It was said it would take 3-4 weeks for free shipping. When I contacted customer services about it they said they had never rece.... Read Full Report
I ordered the complete collection of Frasier on DVD, and the quality of the DVDs is a disgrace.

The packing of the discs is just in flimsy card/cardboard pouches and the discs.... Read Full Report
Bad transaction
My first transaction with them. The seller did not ship the item, and did not respond to my contact. When I complained to iOffer, they locked me out of their website..... Read Full Report
Category DVD Order Rental
United States California,Los Angeles
They never sent the package
Bought boxset from Kangaroo DVD. They never sent the package. I spent $125 on this scam. I don’t want anything from them except my money now. Help me!.... Read Full Report
Category DVD Order Rental
United States Arizona,Parmus
I have always wanted to watch the classic TV shows again so I purchased Laverne & Shirley from jaxjade.com. I am thankful that I ordered this series from this company because the DVDs arri.... Read Full Report
Category DVD Order Rental
United States Connecticut,Los Angeles
Excessive charges
I rented 2 Redbox movies for 2 days. When I returned them I reviewed by account and I had been charged 9 times. When I called Redbox the customer service person told me they have the right to .... Read Full Report
Category DVD Order Rental
United States California,Grover Beach
Complete Satisfaction
I recently purchased the complete collection of Hawaii Five O order from superspatial.com. Since I saw many of my favorite classic TV series from this website, I took a risk and placed my .... Read Full Report
Category DVD Order Rental
United States Delaware,Atlanta
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